The Lonely Bend

We found ourselves at a lonely bend

In the road we'd taken in our youth

Far gone and long past

We stood at this desolate curve

Waiting for an answer

A crux, a question:

Do we take the Turn?

We might not ever

Where we are

It does not matter

Who we are

Where does this go?

Where does it not go?

Or does it go at all?

We strangers with fluid futures

And pasts as solid as sand

We carried crosses

Built of Blood, Sweat, and Tears

You carried Oak

I carried Pine

But we both took turns

Carrying Mine

I tried to lift yours

You slapped my hand away

You said I had no right

To learn to love you that way

So I kept my strength to myself

Because sharing it would break

Break you, break us

There wasn't even an us

Were we?

Weren't we?

Then you walked away

And I turned the curve alone

I cried out because I lost you

But we both never looked back

You walked away