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Kiran Ray, Ethan Spencer, and Noah Granger are Juniors in high school. They are very good friends and like to hang out whenever they have any free time.

Kiran's parents were going out of town for the weekend and are letting him host a party at his house. The only problem? Kiran thinks the house is haunted. Not by ghosts, but something just seems off in the house.

The three boys arrive at Kiran's house and begin to prepare for the party.

That night

The party has started. Kiran is wearing a nice dress shirt with his brown hair in a ponytail, showing off the shaved sides and back.

Ethan has his blond hair tucked behind his ears and is also wearing a dress shirt.

Noah is wearing a purple tuxedo (mostly as a joke) and has his shortish black hair spiked up.

They have invited most of their grade to the house, which is almost a mansion. Kiran doesn't come from a rich family, but a smart one. His parents managed to get the house from a rich guy for a steal, but Kiran feels like the guy wanted the house off his hands.

"Hello guys and gals. My name is Kiran Ray, and I would like to welcome you to this party" Kiran smiles from atop the stairs, Ethan and Noah on either side of him. There is a huge crowd of people below them at the end of the stairs. "I hope that this party is something that we will remember forever." Everyone claps before taking a sip of their drinks (non alcoholic).

Suddenly, someone collapses in the crowd. The three guys run down the stairs to check on her. They find her laying with her eyes wide open, blood dripping out of her mouth.

"She...she's dead!" Kiran screams in shock.

"Do you know what that means?" Ethan asks.

"We invited a killer..." Noah mutters. Everyone hears this and begins to panic, all fearing for their lives.

Some people try leaving through the door, but they notice a huge thunderstorm outside. They realize they are now trapped inside with a mystery killer.

Chapter 2

Kiran Ray is walking through a hallway, trying to find a clue as the thunderstorm rages on. Kiran opens a closet and finds...

"AHH!" Kiran screams and everyone comes running.

"What's wrong Kir-woah!" Ethan looks into the closet to find a guy shot through the chest.

"God..." Noah whispers. A few people throw up as everyone else looks at the body in shock and fear. "If we don't figure this out soon, no one is making it out.."

"I think the main question we should be asking is why?" Ethan brushes his blond hair out of his face. "Why would someone want to murder their classmates?"

"Time to find that out. We need to find who has the most reason" Kiran walks away, Ethan and Noah following behind him.

Chapter 3

Everyone is in the Grand Foyer. Kiran, Ethan, and Noah are standing at the top of the stairs.

"We have figured out the six most likely murderers. If I say your name, step forward. Refusal to do so will result in being treated as the murderer." Kiran informs seriously. Ethan and Noah both look onto two separate lists.

"Victor Johnson" Ethan yells. A stereotypical (when I say stereotypical, I mean by how you see these types of people) jock looking man steps out of the crowd.

"Sarah Madison" Noah calls out. A stereotypical preppy girl steps out of the crowd.

"John Harley" Ethan looks up. A stereotypical nerd steps out of the crowd and adjusts his glasses.

"Leah Williams" Noah calls. A stereotypical nice girl steps out of the crowd.

"Trevor Olson" Ethan yells out. A stereotypical bully walks out and bumps past John, causing his glasses to fall. Leah picks them up and places them back on his face.

"Raven Walker" Noah says the final name as a stereotypical goth/emo girl steps out of the crowd.

"All six of you have the most reason/are the most incriminating. I will read off what you did." Kiran pulls out his own paper. "Victor Johnson: Seen near the punch bowl right before the first death"

"Hey bro! I was just getting some punch! I would never murder someone!" Victor yells in a deep voice.

"Sarah Madison: Ex Girlfriend of second victim." Kiran informs.

"I'm over that! Like I wouldn't kill him over it!" Sarah chews her gum.

"John Harley: Bullied by both victims"

"I-I-I" John goes red from embarrassment.

"John wouldn't hurt a fly" Leah smiles shyly.

"That brings me to you, Leah Williams: Tired of seeing John getting bullied"

"As much as I hate seeing him getting bullied, I wouldn't kill them for it!" Leah replies.

"Trevor Olson: You have brought guns to school numerous times"

"But I didn't use them! I just had them for intimidation!" Trevor growls.

"Raven Walker: You talk about death and death onto others a lot"

"Death is an interesting topic." Raven sighs.

"Interesting enough to kill?" Ethan asks.

"...no." Raven meets his glare.

"Look, we know it's one of you. No one else would have had any reason to-" Noah is cut off by the lights going out.

When they return, Victor has a knife in his back.

"One of you five..." Noah finishes.

Chapter 4

Everyone is staring at Victor's dead body, no one wanting to touch it. Everyone turns their attention to the five suspects.

Kiran reaches up and rubs the necklace around his neck, a cross made of stakes.

"Make that...two of you." Kiran looks at John and Leah. "John could've figured out how to turn off the lights from a distance, but Leah wouldn't let him dirty his hands."

"No! You're crazy! We wouldn't kill anyone" Leah screams.

"It could've been the thunderstorm and good timing" Ethan notes.

"Yes..." Noah mutters, trying to figure this out. "Victor isn't a small man. The only one big enough to take him down is..." Noah looks at Trevor.

"I swear I didn't! No killing, only intimidation!" Trevor exclaims in fear.

"Raven could've thrown her body weight into it" Kiran notes. Raven merely rolls her eyes.

"Until we can figure out who it is, one of us is staying with you five at all times" Ethan informs. "I'll take John and Leah"

"I'll take Trevor" Noah nods.

"I'll take Raven and Sarah" Kiran says before they all go searching the house with their respective groups.

Chapter 5

Kiran, Raven, and Sarah are walking around until they reach a door. Kiran opens it to reveal the basement.

"Oo" Raven smiles.

"Oh no! No no no no nononononoNO!" Sarah stomps her feet. "I refuse to go down there! There might be spiders or dirt!"

"Ugh" Kiran groans before dragging Sarah down the stairs as Raven follows.

They look around the dark basement until Sarah kicks something, which flies up and pulls her into a hole. Kiran and Raven look down to see that she has joined that special ranking of the night.

Kiran looks at Raven. "I didn't even know you had a basement, so I think I'm innocent" Raven starts walking back up the stairs. Kiran follows, looking back at the hole one more time and rubbing his necklace before closing the door.

Chapter 6

Ethan, John, and Leah are walking around upstairs until they climb into the attic.

"Please, Ethan. You must understand that we are innocent" Leah begs.

"As much as I want to believe that, I can't. I'm sorry guys" Ethan sighs. Ethan goes searching through boxes, hoping to find a clue. John and Leah walk towards the window to see the outside when the floor breaks from under them.

Ethan runs over to check on them, only to see that they've been impaled.

Ethan looks at this in shock before thinking about something Kiran said.

"I never really liked the place. Something has always seemed off about it" Ethan begins to think that something more than him, Kiran, Ethan, everyone, is doing this.

Ethan heads downstairs and runs into Kiran and Raven. Ethan informs them of what happened and Kiran looks down.

"That leaves two: Raven and Trevor" Kiran exhales. Raven suddenly collapses revealing a bullet wound in her back. Kiran and Ethan gasp in shock before looking at each other.

"Trevor" They mutter. "NOAH!" They go off running.

Chapter 7

Kiran and Ethan are speed walking through the halls, trying to find Trevor. "I can't believe this has happened" Kiran whispers.

"I can't either, Kiran." Ethan replies.

"It shouldn't take this long" Kiran says, almost immediately regretting it. Ethan looks at him.

"What do you mean" Ethan glares.


Noah is walking around, having been knocked unconscious by Trevor. Noah is looking around when he finds another person dead, this time with a bullet wound. Noah begins to run now and finds a gun next to a chair that Trevor is sitting at.

Noah grabs the gun and aims it at the back of Trevor's head. He cocks it, gaining Trevor's attention.

"Where'd you get that from?!" Trevor panics.

"It's yours, shouldn't leave it laying out" Noah glares.

"I-I-I didn't bring my gun, I swear"

"Why did you knock me out?" Noah asks.

"Because I was trying to find out who the killer really is!" Trevor exclaims in fear.

"Don't worry...I already did" Noah says before shooting Trevor. Noah sighs in relief that this is all over.

He hears voices and goes out of the room to find Kiran and Ethan.

"What do you mean?" Ethan glares.

"Hey guys..." Noah smiles.

"Now that Noah is here, what were you going to say, Kiran" Ethan growls.

"I have something to tell you guys..." Kiran looks down and smiles. "...no one is dead." Kiran looks up. "It was all just a prank" Kiran chuckles as all the 'victims' come out of rooms, still with their 'death' causes. They reveal that it is all props.

Noah starts laughing wildly. "So it was all a joke!"

"Yup!" Kiran smiles.

"So I didn't really kill Trevor!" Noah laughs as everyone goes silent. "How did you do the gun thing?"

"Gun? I didn't plan for a gun" Kiran looks confused.

"Ah whatever! You don't have to tell me! I'm guessing the gun somehow makes bullets into red paint balls! That's it! That's incredible!" Noah laughs as he walks back into the room with Trevor. He kicks him as everyone watches uncomfortably. "Come on Trevor! I know it was all a prank! Don't play this with me!" Noah laughs before picking up the gun and shooting Trevor several more times. Noah groans from boredom and leaves the group to find an adventure. Everyone checks on Trevor's dead body as Ethan walks away.

Kiran catches up to him in one of the bedrooms. "Hey, besides that Noah stuff, did you enjoy the prank?" Kiran asks.

"No! Of course I didn't! You drove Noah insane!" Ethan screams as Kiran puts his necklace on the counter in front of a mirror.

"I-I didn't mean to.." Kiran looks down in sadness.

"I will get revenge on you for what you did," Ethan warns as Kiran begins to leave, "I promise.."

Kiran leaves the room as Ethan turns toward the mirror.

He looks at himself and fixes his now messy blond hair. He looks down to see Kiran's necklace. He picks it up and his hand changes!

He cracks his neck before slowly looking up at the mirror and notices something...he looks exactly like Kiran, but with red eyes. His hair has gone black and messy and his skin has turned pale. He gets an incredibly angry look on his face before storming away.

Outside the Mansion

Noah is dancing in the severe thunderstorm before he is suddenly hit with a lightning bolt. He wakes up a second later, also looking like Kiran, but retaining his short spiky hair. His eyes are red too.

He laughs wildly before walking away.

Inside the Mansion

While everyone is mourning the death of Trevor, Ethan is sitting in the roof tops, watching them from above.

"Hiya, Ethan buddy!" Noah exclaims as he somehow managed to get up there and sit next to Ethan.

"I'm not really Ethan anymore, Noah." Ethan says in a sad voice.

"Then who are you, cracker jack?" Noah giggles.

"...Kiran Ray is who I look like...Kiran...The...Hate...is who I am" Ethan mutters.

"Can I change my name too!" Noah asks and KiranTheHate finally looks over to see that Noah looks like Kiran too. "I want to be something that sounds bright and cool and rad and awesome and-"

"How about...Neon? It's close to your original name." KTH asks.

"Yes! Neon Ray!" Noah exclaims in joy.

"Noah...I will get our revenge on Kiran...I promise." KTH glares at Kiran from above.

A/N: THAT'S RIGHT! This was an Origin Story this whole time! Ethan Spencer became KiranTheHate and Noah Granger became Neon Ray. I based this off of he "Who Killed Markiplier" Concept! Hope you all enjoyed! See you all next time!