The Intruder

There was an air of tension and uneasiness, part of which i am feeling at the moment as i recount this. i went to visit my cousin, we were in an odd open faced house something akin to a life sized child's doll playhouse. my cousin was visibly agitated and aggressive, without warning he attacked. his face took on demonic traits that terrified me, sharp teeth, patchwork hair, and lesion skin. But he remained largely recognizable. I lashed out striking him in the face, throat and body, and he clawed viciously at me. At one point i managed to gain the upper-hand and pin his arms down to his sides. I attempted to talk sense into him, trying to calm him down and let him see that this was crazy and he was not himself. It was to no avail as his face contorted to something maniacally sinister and the momentary upper-hand i had fought for was lost in an instant, he overpowered me and threw me over a second story banister and before i hit the ground i awoke with a start. As i opened my eyes i was very well aware that the sense of impending doom had not dissipated to any lesser degree. I glanced around our darkened bedroom quickly my eyes coming to rest on my husbands face, as he sat up slowly and turned to speak in a frightened hush voice. "There is someone in our bathroom" Terror and adrenaline surged through every fiber of my being, instinctually i ripped off my covers and rolled off our new bed forgetting how high up it was. I FELT myself hit the floor hard, as i grabbed for the handgun i kept in my jacket which i had lazily thrown beside the bed on the floor before tucking in for the night. i already had my eyes trained on the mirrored wall inside the bathroom where i witnessed movement with violent intentions, As my hands wrapped around the familiar hard plastic grip pulling it up in one fluid motion in front of my line of sight. Shear dread came over me as i held the gun pointed at the door, my arms were shaking uncontrollably as the phantom started coming into view...i snapped awake yet again verbally yelling this time, i fervently drew in deep breaths till my head cleared and my sanity returned. still shaken from the ordeal i spoke to my partner (who has gotten used to dealing with my episodes of sleep paralysis) "i think i may be too scared to go back to sleep..." i knew i had an unsympathetic response coming my way, yet it stung nonetheless. "Well try." he rolled over and i almost immediately passed back out.

I often have sleep paralysis when i am going to sleep, completely and utterly terrifying episodes that dredge up the feelings i had just experienced, but this was different, it was a false awakening that of which i do not experience on any kind of regular level but once or twice a year. what shocked and bothered me the most about it, was that in the second dream, nothing seemed out of place as one would expect of a dream. Honestly i think i will be scared to go back to sleep for the next couple days.