Darkness was all that filled my vision. I could feel the cold metal wrapped around my ankles. The sweat running down my back. My tongue felt like it hadn't touched water for an entire day. I allowed my eyes to slowly adjust to the area. Four sleek, white walls seemed to surround my cell of a room. I pulled at the chains that bound me to the wall, but to no avail.

I could feel my insides churning. Hatred seemed to fill every fiber of my being. Just when I thought that oppressive feeling would overtake me, the lights turned on. My eyes were blinded for a moment. As my vision returned, I saw a group of people had entered the room.

Due to my chains, I could not see any of their faces. They all wore the white lab coats one would associate with a scientist. Their black pants and dress shoes squeaked against the hard floor. I could hear conversation, but it was as if my mind didn't want to bother processing it.

They called me by that name. The name that continued to send chills down my spine. It was a representation of what I had become. Nyx. The name of a monster.

"Are you ready for your tests today, Nyx?"

I heard the words, but I didn't bother to respond. It didn't matter how much I fought. How much I cried. These people didn't care about me. They only cared about their sick experiments. It seemed they didn't bother trying to ask me again.

They began hooking me up to a machine they had brought with them. It's beeps and whistles clued me in to the fact it had turned on. Within seconds, pain shot throughout my entire body. I convulsed under the pressure. It was as if a thousand needles had been pushed into every pain receptor in my body.

It's hard to determine whether I cried out in agony or not. After a while, I numbed myself from it. Meanwhile they sat there, writing little notes on their clipboards. This procedure was like clockwork in my mind at this point. It would last exactly one hour and fifteen minutes.

As that time reached, they tuned off the machine and seemed pleased. They left the room without saying anything else to me. I coughed up a little blood. Even my blood gave way to my inhumanity. A deep, dark ebony ran out of my mouth.

I suppose that was my breaking point. The final straw of my humanity, of my empathy, broke. I could feel the lights shatter as the shadows began to form around me. They had forced this "gift" on me. I had to make sure to repay them properly.

The chains shattered. The darkness ate away at them, removing them from existence. With my legs, finally free, I began to walk forward. I could hear alarms blaring, but I didn't care. I raised my hand, and the shadows smashed the door off its hinges and into the nearby wall of the hallway.

I ran. I ran faster than I had ever run before. It was like a bestial instinct had taken me over. They tried to stop me, but my power crushed all. Their cries of pain and torment brought a smile upon my face.

I stopped when I saw a mirror. I had yet to see myself since I had arrived, and I suppose a part of me wanted to fully visualize what they had done to me. What a saw was not the same little black haired girl my mind expected. Instead I saw a girl of bleached white hair, and crimson red eyes. The eyes seemed to have a sinister presence behind them.

"This is…. Nyx." My mind processed it. This is what they had turned me into. I heard more guards approach, some heavily armed. They demanded I return to my cell. My eyes fell to the ground and I chuckled.

The guards seemed unnerved by my laugh. I turned to face them, and they started backing up.

"Stay… Stay back!" They raised their guns at me.

The lights above shattered as the darkness in the area became absolute. If I was no longer the girl I was before, then I would show them who I am now. I would show them the true terror of the dark. Nyx… would kill them all.