Sheik Visagar is a descendant of the man who accidentally turned the whole of Bolfodier on its head by starting the Taint, which ravaged the magic of the world for fifty years. And though his ancestor eventually put an end to the loss of magic in the world, Bolfodier is still suffering from the affects of the Taint, nearly a millennium and a half later. After spending half his life looking for a way to undo the damage of the Taint and return magic to its fullest potential, Sheik has set out to find those chosen by destiny to be the embodiment of the primordial elements (earth, wind, fire, water, light and darkness) and unite them to undo the damage his ancestor inflicted upon the world. But as each member is recruited, the struggle to keep the peace and balance between them grows more difficult. To make matters worse, when it's learned that one of their number is against the mission Sheik must face the possibility that his life's mission may end in failure.

To restore magic, those chosen by destiny must unlock the Meda Lioane'le Mentar, by confronting the emotions tied to their element. They also learn that magic is tied to the dragon population, and so set about to birth a new generation of dragons into the world. But as this adds to the complications already surrounding their mission, the seven must find a way to look past their prejudices and do what is right for all of Bolfodier.

This a brief summery as I haven't yet finalized the story arcs I wish to have the characters go through. Where I usually have a couple pages of notes outlining the story and important plot points, as I write this I only have five lines for this story, as I haven't been able to give it my full attention. But let me know what you think.