"You idiot. You killed us both."

"I'm really sorry…"

My friend was kneeling on the ground, his forehead touching the ground in the 'dogeza' position, meaning that he must be really feeling guilty about what just happened. I could only sight at that, feeling my early anger cooling down.

This heroic moron…

"Nevermind that. Where are we anyway? This does not looks like the Sanzu river…"

I said, looking around me carefully. We were currently in a very open white space, but there was nothing in here, just me and my friend. There was so much nothing that there wasn't even ground below us. We we floating like we were inside water, but there was no water…

"Where the hell are we?"

"I don't know. Maybe we are not really dead and are just unconscious or something?"

My friend asked, his voice doubtful. He 'stood up', but like me he just began to float at the same height as me.

"After what happened to us? Unless some kind of miracle occured, I don't think we are alive anymore."

And how could we still be alive? A freaking burning building collapsed above us.

Ah, by the way, my name is Harima. And this idiot beside me is Keima. We were both your no so average japanese younglings that go out of his pacific life to look for troubles when helping people around.

And troubles we found. A lot of them.

Anyway, long story short, there was this apartment building that caught fire and my otaku friend here just thought it will be a good idea to try and save the most people he could. So there we go then, saving people and dying in the process.

But hey, I'm pretty sure we saved all the people that were inside it. We are heroes now!

But well, we are dead too…


"So, what now? Shall we try to find a way out of here?"

Keima asked me, looking around while moving his foot like he was swimming, something completely unnecessary seeing how I was 'sitting' cross-legged mid air.

"I guess so. We should try moving around a little and see what we could find."

I tried to 'walk' to my right, but my foot found no resistance so I could not push myself. Then I tried to swim around, but found the same problem.

"We are getting nowhere."

I concluded a little annoyed and stopped trying, sitting cross-legged again. Keima persevered a little more but in the end he gave up too.

"Umm… What shall we do then?"

Making a face full of concentration that looked funny because how serious he was trying to think about a solution, he 'sit' down again.

"Oh! Maybe if I push you then you can move away?"

He said, but I just shook my head.

"And what will we do if I start to float without being able to stop? Besides, that will not help you to move too, so in the worst case we will end floating away from each other."

"That's true… Umm…"

Right now we have no way to tell what was happening to us, so better stick together for now to be on the safe side.



Whatever Keima was about to said was loss as, above us, a light began to shine. First like that of a light bulb, and then growing in intensity, enough to blind us.

"What the hell now?"

I only have time to curse, before the light enveloped us completely.



I don't know how much time passed after that, I could have been only ten seconds or it could have been hours. What I could remember is a voice, a soft one, telling us something about needing our help and asking us to save whatever was called kingdom. Then the bright light began to fade and I could feel again my own weight as my feet touched the ground below me.

Little by little I opened my eyes, looking around me while feeling a little groggy, like when you wake up after having slept a little too much. I looked around me and could not help but jump back a little when the first thing that came to my vision was a beautiful girl, one around my age. That was enough to jolt my brain, but then I caught sight of the many mens that surrounded us, all of them armed with what looked like some kind of metal armor and lances. As weird as that vision was, It helped me to wake up completely and rush my thoughts.

'Where I am? Who are these people? They want to hurt me? Can I fight back or should I flee?'

Even when all those questions were popping in my mind, I could not help but feel some kind of dejavu at that moment. All of this looked kinda familiar, but for the life of me I could not tell why…

"Brave Heroes, please fear not. We have no intentions to harm any of you."

The girl said, his voice paused and calm. I could not help but tilt my head at her words.

"... any of you?"

Was then that I noted the guy that was almost next to me.

Yeah, my idiot friend, who right now looked like he was about to have a seizure or something, what with how much his body was trembling and his eyes were shining with emotion.

"This is… This is…!"

He was muttering again and again like some kind of mantra, only making me more confused. What was happening right now? Well, apparently something that will made this moron so happy he could barely speak. An otaku like him…

Was then that it clicked to me. I was not as hardcore otaku as Keima was, but thanks to being friend with him, I was aware of many of the tropes and cliches found in many animes and manga. One of them was that of people getting transported to other worlds, mostly worlds of fantasy…

Fantasy with princess, heroes and knights…

"You have to be kidding me…"

I said, raising my hand to cover my face while I released a sight of suffering. How was this even possible?

"Umm… I'm sorry, Brave Heroes… are you perhaps feeling unwell?"

The girl asked, corcen in her lovely face. I just looked at her and shook my head to clear it a little.

"We are… fine, I guess…"

Was the better I could tell her, and it seemed that, even if doubtful, the girl chose to take my words as true.

"Very well. Let me introduce myself then, Oh Brave Heroes. My name is Lashara Lucretia Vi Varisa. I am the priestess of the Holy Temple of Varisa. I know that you have a lot of questions right now, but I will ask your comprension as that this is not the best place to answer them. So please follow us as we have prepared a reception for you."

She said in a way that made me wonder is she was this word gifted or is she has practised this discourse time after time to be able to said it without stuttering or biting his tongue.

'Oh, so she is a priestess, not a princess.' Is what I was about to say but then my friend got out of his shock after being Isekai'ed and began to talk.

"Of course, please guide us!"

He answered, and I was irritated at how happy this heroic moron sounded. The priestess smiled pleasantly and began to walk, my friend following here some steps begin.

Releasing another sight, I began to follow them too.



So… Another long story shortened, we were summoned as the Brave Heroes from another world to save the Kingdom of Varisa. Apparently there are these oh so cruel demons that one day appeared out of nowhere and have been killing the people and destroying the cities for reasons no one knows.

So, after years and years of fighting them and mostly losing because the demons are too strong, the priestess received a divine oracle from the Goddess of light Auroria, telling her about the upcoming arrival of the Brave Heroes, Keima and Me, who would have the power to defeats the demons and save the kingdom.

And here we are now, in the throne room, in front of the king and the queen of Varisa, surrounded by guards and miscellaneous people.

Fuck my life.

"I understood now. Do not worry, then. We shall defeat the evil and bring peace to the people."

Keima stood tall, his eyes shining almost madly as he answered for both os us without even bothering to ask my opinion about all of this.

Why is this guy my friend, again?

"Ohh, thank you, thank you very much, oh Brave Heroes!"

The kind stood too, his face that of absolute joy and the corner of his eyes watering a little. The queen tears were running down here cheeks and the priestess looked overjoyed too, even when the only visible sign was her pleasant smile. The crowd around was muttering, happiness obvious in their voice.

I could only shut myself up, not being able to say anything in this kind of mood.

Even so…

"Oh! What is that!"

I said out loud, pointing at the farthest window in the enormous room. All the people looked at the same direction, obviously confused by my words. I used the chance to kick the back of my right now not so dear friend leg.



He screamed, but when all the people looked our way, they only found me smiling innocently and my friend caressing her leg while some tears falling from his eyes.

"Sorry, I was a shadow or something. Don't mind me."

I said still smiling and everyone just give us a confused look.

"Harima, you jerk, why did you…?"

"Uh? Wanna something, you punk?"

My friend began, muttering a little offended, but a quick glare was enough to shut him up. Good, the idiot understood why I was mad right now.

"Is something the matter?"

The king asked, looking unsure what was happening between the two 'Heroes' they summoned, but Keima just got up, biting down his pain while moving his hand left and right.

"Nothing! Nothing at all!"

He said nervous and then coughed in his hand, trying to regain composure.

"Then, what shall we do first? Even if we are summoned as Heroes, I'm sorry to say, but we have never fight anything other than humans. How shall we fight those so called demons?"

At his words, the king just nodded, apparently already aware of how much we could do at this point.

"The Oracle that the Goddess gave us said that we shall provide you with training in the use of Holy Powers, and provide you with useful companions to help you in this difficult journey."

I guess all of this was prepared with time because as soon as he said this, four people walked in, marching like in some kind of military parade.

Four women.

One was tall, almost as tall as me, who can boast about my close to two meters tall. Her hair was chestnut, like her eyes, braided and tied in a circle in the back of her head in a way that would not hinder her movements. Her clothes were an armor of a knight, and in her waist a sword were sheathed.

The second was about Keima height, two or so head shorter than me. Her hair was blonde and her eyes green. Her clothes looked like some kind of tunic that made you wonder why she is not suffocating for how much heat she should be feeling. Even so, my eyes could no help but be fixed in her head, where two long ears where showing from under her long and straight hair.

"An elf…"

Keima muttered, both parts surprised and overjoyed. I just nodded, a little surprised too.

The girl next to the Elf was a head or so shorter than me, her red hair short and her fierce amber eyes making her face looks a little wild. Her clothes were a little more showy of her feminine curves, but just as far as showing her abdomen and arms, combined with a short skirt over some shorts that covered till little above the knee.

The last girl was a short one, and in my personal opinion, the most remarkable by how out of place she looked. She was short, no more that one and half meter I could bet, her blue hair and red eyes contrasting with each other in a very oddly way. Her clothes looked like some kind of chinese dress… what was called? A cheosometing or other… black in color but with white pants below.

She was young, too young, I could tell, and that was what bother me the most. The king just said something about companions in our travels. Don't tell me…

"My name is Eridia Montesa Vi Varisa, I'm a knight of the Holy Army of Varisa. I was granted the honor to serve under your name. I hope I could be of help."

The chestnut girl declared loudly, unfastening her sword and kneeling in from of us, leaving the sword in the floor.

"I was given the name of Auria Jowina Vi Varisa. The magic of the nature is my speciality. I hope I can use my power to serve the Heroes."

The Elf girl was next, kneeling with grace even when the tunic should be hindering her. She placed a long wooden staff on the floor.

"Rita Palmira Vi Varisa is my name. I'm a raider and scout is my specit-ugh, speciality! Is my honor to serve you!"

She bit her tongue mid way, and made haste to end his introduction, her cheeks looking as red as her short hair. She placed a large bow in the floor.

Finally, the child looking one began, and I could not help but wince a little by how soft her voice sounded, and how formal and confident for someone so young.

"Greetings to you, esteemed Heroes. Arisa Rowina Vi Varisia is how my respected father named me. My speciality is my strength, my office that of a fighter. Even if I look this young, fear not to use me to accomplish your goals, knowing that they expectations will be meet with satisfaction."

I almost scratched my arms at the itchy I feel watching her place her hand above her heart and then kneel in front of me, the most close of the two 'Heroes'. Even so, I could tell the little tremble that traveled my friend body, letting me know that he also can't help but feel creeped by this.

I was because she have all my attention and how close I was to her, that I noted something while she was delivering her speech.


I can't help but kneel too, trying to look her face better. The girl just raised her head, obviously confused by my actions. She tilt her head a little too, and damn is that was not adorable to see this close. Even so…

"You… Are you a Vampire perhaps?"

I asked, still lose in thought, but I was really curious now. She was small, sure, but the skin of her face was a pale too, almost transparent. Her pupils were a little too elongated and when she was speaking, from her mouth I could see what I thought were fangs peeking from time to time.

The girl just looked a little surprised, but then just nodded.

"That's correct, my liege. I am one from the race known as vampires. I am very surprised Sir Hero could tell just at glance."

"It was just a hunch."

I said and stood up again, trying to ignore how all the eyes have fallen upon myself for my actions. Keima just smiled at me, and I have to resist the urge to kick him again.


Calling the attention to him again, the king began again.

"This four have proven themselves to be the strongest and skilled of their class, being able to better all of her peer, and will serve as guides to you in the beginning of your quest. While I'm aware that with this few people it will be hard to defeat all the demons, I believe it will be enough to help you understand and develop your own strength."

Going down the staircase that went to his throne, the king walked to us, a severe expression on his face.

"I'm sorry to give you this burden, but I promise that your help will not be unrewarded. Please, help me save my people from demise."

I looked at him, a severe expression on my own face. I have many things to complaint right now, many questions too, but his faces made me keep quiet. I wasn't a face of someone just worried about his own safety, but someone worried about someone else safety. Was that just his family? His friends? Or he was worried for all the people on his kingdom? I could not tell, but, for now, I have to conform with the fact that this king at least summoned us to protect something important to him, something he know he could not protect on his own.

"We will do our best, your Majesty. We promise it."

My friend answered, and I nodded in agreement, knowing that, again, we have just got in troubles that very well could kill us.

Well, dead one time, dead ten times. In the end, we were two idiots like that.