So, this story is for the GregGD fans. If you don't usually see me on his streams, then my YT is Klok. I will be making a fanfic about him and Diyva (seriously). So, get ready for a lemon! Some parts are based on stuff that happen on his streams. Some aren't. So, grab your Takis and lay down.

Greg's POV

"If you get 69%, then there is a chance that Greg and Diyva will do it hardcore." Klok (author) typed in the chat. I read it out loud to my viewers and everyone I was voice chatting with on Discord was laughing so hard. He basically spammed it in the chat so everyone can see. This is only a stream, not real life, which is kind of a hell.

"Hi!" Greg's little brother (I forgot his name) came up. "Did you ever have 69 before?"

"STOP! WH- WHA- HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?!" Greg (srry if I'm being out of character) said, shocked when he said that.

"Okay? Let's just play another level." Greg tried to forget but couldn't cause his little brother was talking about 69.

Everyone in the chat just randomly started to talk about how Greg was dating Diyva after talking about pizza rolls for the longest time. I blushed a little, but, I don't use a facecam in streams, so no one saw. There was a girl in my class named Diyva, and she was kind of cute. Her brown hair, blue eyes, and her face were cute. She was single, and I was too.

"So, guys, I have to go sleep. I'll probably stream tomorrow." I said to my fellow viewers while it was 10:35 (EST) (btw, I live in CST, so its 9:35) and went to bed.

I woke up in this universe, where everything was great. Everything. I had a PS4 with COD and Overwatch and I saw the future that Robtop (I'm talking about GD btw) was gonna put it on PS4. I felt happy and sad. I don't know why. I saw Diyva, and she asked me out. I definitely said yes and took her out to a fancy French resturant. We ate, and after, she took me to her house.

I asked, "Where is your room?" and she pointed and I took her to her room. I laid her down on her queen bed, and took my clothes off. She decided to do the same too and we made out. I felt her lips, she felt mine, and I made her orgasm by touching her body (literally). I didn't know if I was feeling good or feeling fun, it was good. I kissed her neck and licked her stomach and (yes, you expect this in all lemons.) she was moaning, telling me that she wants more. After 20 minutes, she showed me this, a green piece of lingerie. She wanted me to close my eyes for a few minutes and when I saw, I literally got a mega - boner.


Diyva's POV

"Diyva, truth or dare?" Alex asked me. I did not want to admit my feelings to Greg, so I had to say, "Dare!" No one gasped but then, Alex dared me this, "I dare you to go have sex with Greg." and gave me the lingerie. I had to record a sex tape, or be called a pussy at school by everyone. So, "Okay. Get my self pregnant? I'm not gonna do that crap." I said, "I'll just embrace, and that's that."

End of Flashback

A/N: That is part of it. Next chapter is how this whole lemon happened with the flashback. If I'm ripping it off of Love Labours Losing (Wayside), then sorry. It's just a little inspiration.