Victoria rolled onto her back, her legs tangling in the soft cotton sheets, reaching for her cell to silence her 9 AM alarm.

She set the phone back down onto her bed-side table, glancing up at the ceiling as she wondered if it was worth getting out of bed.

"You promised to meet with her today," the thought popped into her mind, making herself feel guilty for wanting to sleep in late like she normally did on her weekends off.

Mentally counting down, she pushed herself out of the comfort of her bed and began making her way out of the room and into the small hallway leading to the bathroom.

Flicking on the light switch as she went, Victoria shut the bathroom door and stepped up to the bathtub, bending over to turn on the water before stripping off her extra-large T-shirt and panties.

She stepped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed as the water poured over her body; the sudden feeling of the hot water jolted her awake, washing away the tiredness from her body and mind.

After washing her hair and rinsing the suds off, she turned off the water and slid open the shower curtain to step out, grabbing a towel from the rack beside the shower and wrapping it around herself.

Her cell began to ring as soon as she walked back into the bedroom, grabbing it and pressing the answer button before holding it up to her ear.


"Vic, oh I'm so glad you're awake, I was just calling to let you know I'm on my way home,"

"I thought we were meeting in town, I'm actually in the middle of getting ready to leave,"

"Is everything okay?" She had no doubt Heather could hear the concern in her voice.

"Everything's fine, I just forgot some things when I left early this morning,"

Heather hated lying, but she didn't want Victoria to worry about her.

"Well, I guess I'll see you in a few minutes then," Victoria replied before the line disconnected.

She set her cell back down on the bed-side table and turned towards her dresser, digging through the top drawer for a bra and underwear, settling on a blue silk bra and matching panties.

Once she had put on the bra and panties, she turned her attention to her closet.

Stepping up to the closet door, she turned the knob and swung it open to reveal its contents.

Her closet was made up of casual and formal clothing with her work uniforms mixed in-between.

A lavender sweater barely clinging to its hanger stood out amongst the rest of her clothes, she took it off the hanger and pulled it on over her head.

She bent down and grabbed the pair of tattered jeans from the night before off her floor and slid them on, doing up the zipper and button as she glanced at her reflection in the closet door mirror.

Her midnight black hair settled on her shoulders, it was a sharp contrast against her sweater.

Knocking at the front door brought her attention away from the mirror, quickly rushing out of the bedroom to answer it.

Heather stood in the doorway, a panicked look on her face as she hurried inside to close the door behind her.

"Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost," Victoria questioned, grabbing her girlfriend's hand and squeezing it reassuringly.

"I'm fine now, grateful to get away from that maniac on the road…" Heather replied, giving her a small smile as she squeezed her hand lovingly.

"What maniac?" Victoria asked leading Heather into the bedroom to sit down on the bed.

"This guy that kept trying to push his way into my lane, trying to get in front of me when I went under the limit, and then almost shoved me into a ditch when I turned to get onto our street," Heather explained.

"What the fuck?" Victoria exclaimed angrily.

"What was this guy driving? Did you get a license plate number?"

"I'll find this asshole and shove a tire-iron down his throat for endangering my baby," She proclaimed, hugging Heather against her side.

"Love, it's alright, I made it home in one piece and I've no doubt karma will take care of that guy for me," Heather chuckled softly, leaning into Victoria's embrace.

"I should have been with you, if this guy had done all this with me in the car, I'd have stopped and beaten his ass,"

"Or you could have just given him a ticket for reckless driving, or did you forget you were a cop?" Heather responded, looking up into Victoria's soft hazel eyes.

"I've only been on the force about a month and a half," Victoria reminded her, gazing back into Heather's deep brown eyes.

"I'm still astounded they put you on duty with that temper of yours," Heather teased, pressing a loving kiss to Victoria's cheek.

"I'm very level-headed when it comes to work, I only get worked up because I'm so passionate about you, love,"

"Well before your passion gets the better of you, we need to get going otherwise we're gonna be late for our first appointment," Heather replied getting to her feet.

Victoria remained seated as she quickly pulled on her socks and slid on her winter boots, before joining Heather in the hallway.

They stepped outside onto the small balcony overlooking the apartment complex parking lot.

"Would you mind driving, babe?" Heather asked, following Victoria down the metal staircase leading to the ground level.

"I'm still a little shaken up by that idiot nearly running me off the road," She explained handing over her car keys.

"I don't mind at all, if we run into him again I can show him some damn manners," Victoria smirked taking the keys as they walked over to Heather's crimson red Ford sedan.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that and we can safely make it to our meeting with the rental agent," Heather replied as they got into the car, fastening their seat-belts.

Victoria turned the key in the ignition, revving the engine a few times before backing out of the parking space and turning to drive out of the apartment complex.

"So, tell me about this place again," Victoria spoke as she followed the GPS on the LED screen set into the dashboard above the radio dials.

"It's on the outskirts of town, not too far away from everything but hardly any neighboring houses so it's quiet and there's a big yard,"

"I really think you'll love it, it's much bigger than our apartment and they just repainted and put in new floors," Heather replied with a smile, placing her hand on Victoria's lap.

"If you love it, then I'm sure I will too," Victoria smiled back, squeezing Heather's hand.