After a theft and false accusation by Prince Sus, I was forced to undertake a quest to prove the innocence of one of my foster siblings. I had traveled all over Lunae and Sonne and had made many new and unexpected friends, including a prince, a pirate, and a former Smertan soldier. I had gained the ability to summon guardians to aid me on this quest and learned more about myself. I also made an enemy of Mariamna Groznyy, the princess of Smert and cousin of my disowned Smertan friend.
Eventually, my quest lead to a new country, and we, my friends and I, had traveled to the Ancient Library, hidden deep in the Alaqua Forest in the country of Koh-Khavh. We had come to this antiquated athenaeum to find something, anything, that could point us to my former King Alcaeus' "infinitely priceless treasure." We had split up to search the alcoves and shelves for anything belonging to King Alcaeus or his banished bride, Queen Eirene.
In a small corner of a small room, I discovered a box filled with letters concerning the late queen and dove into them, enlightened to the Truth with each word I read. Queen Eirene had given birth to a daughter, Alexina, whose father was indeed the King. King Alcaeus had been murdered through poisoning by Lord Stultus Mendax. The child was hidden for her safety by Elder Edur, the village head of Neva. Then I read something that shook me to the very core. The babe was sent to live with Caellach when she was seven and was given the alias, "Medea."
"I am Alexina."