Zen and I walked back to the car that Jumin had arranged for the both of us, and Zen walked ahead, graciously opening the car door. "Back to my place?", he questioned.

"Of course, where else?", I replied. What was the worst that could happen?

Everything was either broken or stolen. Only a simple 'EG' was left on the wall. In shock, Zen threw whatever remained in the hallway, frantically searching for something.

"What is it?", I queried. "No, no, not this," Zen stammered, "please."

I couldn't take anymore of this, and I stormed out of Zen's apartment, fury taking my brain over.

"Where do you think you're going?", Zen questioned, grabbing my wrist.

"Where do you think? Zen, I can't just sit here and watch as Echo Girl tears away your career, piece by piece! You can come with me, or not." I furiously exclaimed.

"Well, there is no question of me going with you, but please, think this through, for my sake." Zen looked at me with a deep hurting, his dangerously enchanting eye glistening with tears.