A/N: This an Original Book inspired by an outline that my dad had given me months ago in May and I have only recently found it in the midst of the mess in my desk draws ^^;. It is mostly based off of the Elemental Kingdoms similar to that in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but with a more realistic approach to it as well :).

I have had a great deal of help from AnaJo Skylark, who is a fellow writer and friend of mine in terms of editing and making sure that the plot runs smoothly too.

Also, I have finally being able to read George R. R. Martin's book A Game of Thrones and I have read about four chapters already. I can honestly say that the stories about it being bloody and realistic are true, but it's a far more milder version to what I'm used to seeing and reading in the midst of the Anime and Movie FanFictions that I have read over the years. Which was very surprising to be honest with you 0_0. Because of this, I am taking some inspiration from this book, and hopefully I'll do the references justice that's for sure.

Also, cultural and historical references are going to be a part of this book, because I love history, fantasy, and the supernatural. Hopefully, you'll enjoy yourselves too :D!


Let me tell you all a story.

The sky was as black as the ink used to write on parchment. However, streams of color rippled through this blanket. Twinkling stars bedazzled the sky giving the whole combination an ethereal appearance.

Snow littered the ground in thick layers; trunks of the trees were spread out amongst the larger ones as icicles hung from their limbs; frost covered the evergreens and the needle-like leaves that thickly covered each branch. Blades of grass poked upwards from under the thick layers of snow, while vast, thick sheets of ice covered the wide rivers and lakes reflecting the horizon in a majestically artistic manner.

Winter was a common season associated with the northern countries and kingdoms. Winters were long, harsh, and had temperatures that most unfamiliar with the land could not tolerate and adapt to very easily. Arctic, subarctic, and tundra zones surrounded these lands, like a mother polar bear wrapping herself around her cubs to keep them warm inside of their den. The Arctic regions are within the center-most and northern reaches of these countries. Subarctic regions took setting in the middle-ground between the center and the shoreline as the tundra took part of said shoreline.

The inhabitants were well diverse to the cold even as newborn babes. They're hardiness and resilience to the cold were legendary; however, they were much more susceptible to the harsh heats of the southern countries due to their expansive deserts and cloudless skies. It was because of this legendary resilience to the cold that seeing children running around was quite common in the north.

Three young children clothed in layers of leathers and furs were running towards the hut they saw in the distance away from their village. Excitement, along with rosy cheeks and wide smiles, was evident on their faces when they saw that small hut came into view.

Yet this was not a place that most would take the journey to. An old soothsayer lived in this old home, one that was well-respected among the elders of the village; however, the old soothsayer was also an outcast and treated as such. All due to her affiliation with the Banshee Clan. Women who predict future events that bring destruction and death while being undead themselves. It caused a rift in the social order of the village hierarchy for allowing her to live within a few miles of the said village. This, however, did not stop the children from seeing the woman on a daily basis.

So, there they were, waiting eagerly to hear another story from the old woman. A smile, albeit small, appeared on the surprisingly youthful, yet very sharply gaunt, face of the undead Banshee. Her blind, unseeing silver eyes met with each child's as she let out a chuckle.

"This is a story of how a beastly prince fell in love with a poor, simple pauper. The prince, himself, was a very violent, bloodthirsty man with a bad temper. The pauper, however, was very different from the prince."

"Really?! Was she really strong Madam Reila?"

A chuckle escaped the old soothsayer's mouth, a unique sound in the sense of the word, "Aye, she was strong. Strong enough even to challenge him to a fight."


The awed expressions and looks of anticipation on their childish faces were encouragement enough to continue her tale.

Madam Reila, though a prophesier of destruction and death, was different from her fellow Banshee. So, she saw no harm in sharing the tale of a romance that was not supposed to happen for another 500 or so years.

"However, the beginning of their story was like this …"