Guapo and Fraz were in their room, when Fraz's guardian angel Ian asked to speak to him in private. "What is it Ian?" Fraz asked. "Fraz, there's something you should know. I think you need to sit down at your desk before I tell you" Ian said. "Okay" Fraz replied and sat down at his desk. Ian placed a hand on Fraz shoulder with a heavy heart, and told him "Fraz? For the past 14 year you've been obscure!" Ian told him. "What?" Fraz asked confused.

"You remember when you and Guapo had a show on Nickelodeon back in 1999?" Ian asked. "Of course I remember!" Fraz cried. "Well what you didn't know was that because Nickelodeon royally screwed over your show, it faded into obscurity for 14 years! For 14 years everyone forgot it ever even existed! Meaning everyone forgot you ever even existed! It was like you went through pain and suffering for nothing! You suffered in vain! Nobody remembered all the pain and suffering you went through during your show's run. It's like you never even mattered!" Ian explained.

The realization of all this hit Fraz like a ton of bricks. "No! No! No! NO! NO! NO! FOR THE LOVE OF FLUB NO!" Fraz cried in panic, "You mean to tell me that my whole life has been a complete lie?!" Fraz cried. Ian sighed sadly and with a heavy heart replied "Yes". "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Fraz screamed and ran out of the room. "Fraz?" Guapo asked and curiously followed Fraz out of the room.

A shocked heartbroken Fraz was running down the halls, with Guapo chasing after him. Guapo followed Fraz to the dock where the courier's ships were parked. When Guapo arrived at the dock he heard yelling, screaming, and crying coming from The Hoog. He approached The Hoog, and peered in one of the windows. He saw Fraz tossing stuff in a fit of rage while yelling in rage at the top of his lung. He entered The Hoog through its mouth, where it mouth closed afterwards. When he was inside The Hoog he saw Fraz had stopped tossing stuff, and scream "WHY?!" at the top of his lungs. Then he sank to his knees, buried his face in his hands, and began sobbing loudly.

Guapo slowly approached him and asked in a concerned tone. "Fraz what's wrong?!" Fraz looked up at Guapo with tear-filled bloodshot eyes and replied. "MY ENTIRE DOOM-FILLED LIFE HAS BEEN A COMPLETE LIE!" Fraz yelled. "What are you talking about?!" Guapo asked confused. "Ian told me everything!" Fraz cried. "Told you what?!" Guapo asked. "That I've been obscure for 14 because I got royally screwed by Nickelodeon! So much that I was completely forgotten by everyone for 14 years straight! I went through all the pain and suffering during our show's run in 1999 for NOTHING! It was like I never even mattered! It's was all in VAIN!" Fraz cried—feeling his heart break into a million pieces. Ian told me Mr. Doom was responsible. He put Nickelodeon up to royally screwing over our show so that I would fade into obscurity for 14 years! He did it to deliberately hurt me—to ruin my life even MORE than he already had! DAMN YOU DOOM! DAMN YOU TO HELL!" Fraz explained—screaming in pure rage.

Hearing all this was too much for Guapo to take. He began to break down and cry. He threw his arms around Fraz—sobbing into his shoulder. "OH FRAZ I'M SO SORRY! I SHOULD HAVE BELIEVED YOU! ALL THOSE TIMES YOU TRIED TO WARN ME ABOUT DOOM! YOU WERE RIGHT ABOUT DOOM ALL ALONG, AND I WOULD NOT LISTEN! I WAS A FOOL!" Guapo sobbed. Fraz broke away from Guapo and began to exit The Hoog. "Fraz?! Where are you going?!" Guapo cried. "I'm going to end it all!" Fraz replied as he exited The Hoog. He ran away from the dock as Guapo chased after him.

He followed Fraz down the hall towards the lounge. When he entered the lounge, he saw Fraz get a knife out of the drawer in an attempt to slit his wrist with it! "Fraz NO!" Guapo shouted. "Don't try to stop me Guapo! After learning my whole life has been a lie, and that I suffered for nothing, I don't want to live anymore!" Fraz cried and attempted to slit his wrist. But before the sharp blade of the knife could cut Fraz's wrist Guapo quickly grabbed a hold of Fraz, and managed to yank the knife out of his hand.

Thinking quickly Guapo grabbed a nearby rolling pin, and knocked Fraz over the head over it—rendering him unconscious. Once Fraz was out cold Guapo got on the phone, and called a sanitarium on Hospital World. Soon an ambulance from Hospital World arrived at Retrograde. They loaded an unconscious Fraz into the back of the ambulance truck, and drive away from Retrograde. As Guapo watched the ambulance leave with Fraz, Ian appeared beside Guapo. Even though Guapo couldn't see Ian, he could hear him. "Listen Guapo there's something I have to tell you. Mr. Doom was an evil spirit that had followed Fraz since he was a child. It was also responsible for the death of your grandfather. That's why when you and Fraz were kids, your grandmother was living with you and your parents, because she was widower" Ian explained.

"Wait! Mom and Dad told us that Grandpa Flub died of a heart attack before we were born!" Guapo cried. "They lied. They didn't want you to know the dark terrifying truth" Ian replied. Guapo began to cry again. "This is all my fault Ian! For years Fraz tried to warn me about doom, and I wouldn't listen!" he cried. He headed back to the dock, got in The Hoog, and flew away from Retrograde—heading for the nearest bar to drown out his sorrows.

The ambulance arrived at the sanitarium on Hospital World. They unloaded him from out of the back of the ambulance truck. They placed him on a gurney and rolled him down the hallway towards his room. In his room they lifted him off of the gurney, and placed him into his bed. Then rolled the gurney out of the room. He was still out cold from the rolling pin.

At the local bar on a random planet Guapo ordered two jugs of beer. He gulped down the first one, followed by the second one until he was drunk. Not wanting to fly home drunk, he called Valerina to come and get him. When Valerina arrived at the bar she helped Guapo into her ship—attaching The Hoog to it, and flew them back to Retrograde.

When they got back to Retrograde, Valerina helped Guapo to his room, and into Fraz's bottom bunk bed. "Thanks for bringing me home Valerina" Guapo said in a drunk tone. "No problem Guapo. You get some rest you hear?" Valerina replied. "I will" Guapo replied. Valerina kissed Guapo on the forehead and left the room. Guapo cried himself to sleep.

At the sanitarium on Hospital World Fraz woke up with a terrible migrane. As he sat up in bed he asked himself "Where am I?" On his nightstand he saw a small buzzer and buzzed it. A nurse came into his room. "Good to see you're awake Fraz " she told him. "Where am I? What happened?" Fraz asked. "You're at the sanitarium on Hospital World. Your brother called us when you tried to commit suicide" she replied. It all came flooding back to Fraz, and as a result he started having a panic attack. "Oh my God! Doctor!" she cried in panic.

A doctor came rushing into the room, and saw he was having a panic attack and a seizure. He quickly ran out of the room, and returned with another nurse and a sedative. The two nurses pinned his arms down as the doctor injected his arm with the syringe needle containing the sedative. The sedative began to take effect, and Fraz stopped having a seizure. "He should be out for two hours at least" the doctor told the nurses. As the doctors and nurses left the room, Fraz felt drowsiness overcome him, and fell fast asleep.