At the end of the week Fraz was released from the hospital, with prescription bottles of an antidepressant called Lexapro and Resperadal. Guapo and Valerina came to the hospital to pick him up. It was dark when they arrived at Retrograde. "Why are all the lights out?" Fraz nervously asked. "You'll see" Valerina replied as she and Guapo lead Fraz towards the lounge.

When they arrived at the lounge Valerina flicked the light switch on. "Surprise! Welcome back Fraz!" everyone cried. In the lounge was Squeege, Miss Boomdeeyay, Johnny Doe, Mamma Mia, and Ray—along with balloons, a WELCOME HOME banner, a stereo, and food on a table. Fraz cried tears of joy. "Gee thanks everyone. This means so much to me" Fraz said feeling overjoyed.

For the next two hours everyone danced, played games, and ate food. When the party was over everyone helped clean up. That night before going to sleep, Fraz thanked Ian for helping him through it all—that he wouldn't have made it without him. Then he got in his bottom bunk and went to sleep.

The End