It was another warm morning as I walked to school from home. The sky was clear, birds were chirping in the sky, and there was a hint of change in the colors of the leaves, noting the evident fall season. Today proved much different than other normal days. As I was walking to school, Taiga, who also woke up early, started to stalk me ever since I walked out of the house. While I find her methods agitating, I decided to let her do as she pleased and pretend that I did not notice her. As I walked up to the school entrance, I noticed a familiar prescience leaning against the wall. Osamu was waiting for my arrival. Last night, Osamu talked to me on the phone about his new idea on her next performance, which was supposed to be today. While I continued to tell him that an impromptu performance would not fare well with the school administration, Osamu still wanted to inform me about his ideal scheme. I walked up to him.

"Hey, Nakamoto," said Osamu. "I see you came here early."

"I believe I informed you the other day that this was the usual time that I would be up and about during the school day," I said. "If anything, I would point out that you are here too early."

"What are you talking about," Osamu asked. "This is nothing for me."

"Then, how do you explain those noticeable bags under your eyes," I pointed out.

"Oh these," Osamu replied. "It's just temporary. A little makeup can hide it instantly."

"Even so, their visibility means you should be asleep right now," I said. "Good night."

"Hey, wait a minute," Osamu said. "I'm like this because I'm so excited about my idea."

"Which will not work no matter how much you force it on them today," I said.

"Come on," Osamu said. "You never know until you try. Let's talk somewhere private."

Osamu grabbed my shoulder and started to push me through the school gate. As he did this, he thought he saw someone spying at us from afar and turned to the street. There was no one there. Although he could have sworn that someone was there, he convinced himself otherwise and continued to push me into the school building. Meanwhile, Taiga peeked out from the school gate, wondering what the two of us were doing.

The Buying and Selling of Goods

Being pushed up against my will, Osamu and I walked up to the third floor and walked to the classroom. While I sat down on my seat, Osamu connected out desks together. He began to take out papers and blueprints from his backpack. I was amazed by his enthusiasm.

"Back to topic, exactly what is this 'great idea' that you speak of," I asked.

"Well, well, since you've asked so nicely, here it is," Osamu said.

Osamu unfolded a large blueprint and spread it out to across our desks. The blueprint consisted of the stage in which Takara was supposed to perform in later tonight. In the blueprint was the structure of the stage, the area where the band is playing, the rigging of the lighting and sound equipment, the placement of the lighting and sound booth, an area designated for seats for the audience, and various miscellaneous items. What I was seeing was the original plan of the building. Osamu then chose another blueprint from his piles of papers and placed it above the original print. As I examined the new blueprint, I noticed that the stage looked flashier and the band would be hidden and placed farther away from the stage, making the stage more open. There were more lights and sound equipment placed above the stage and apparently on top of the building. What appeared to be a disco ball was placed in the center of the building. Upon looking at the plan meticulously, I noticed that the number of seats increased, and the building looked slightly larger than the original.

"Not that I am an architect, but did the building just became bigger," I asked.

"Ah, so you have noticed that, too," Osamu said.

"And this is exactly why the plan was going to fail from the start," I replied.

"Don't be so negative about it already," Osamu said.

"No producer or technician would be sane enough to work on a project where the equipment and stage are not going to fit in the designated area to begin with," I stated.

"Please, that can easily be fixed," Osamu replied.

"How do you expect to remodel the entire building in under a day," I questioned.

"Nothing is impossible," Osamu asked.

"This plan is completely impossible no matter how hard you think about it," I told him.

"Well, I say it's possible, and I'm going to make it happen," Osamu said.

"I would like to see you try," I said.

"I mean, think about it," Osamu began. "If we move the band farther away from the stage, it would give Takara-san more room to move around and do many flashy things for the audience. Also, I have increased the audience size so more people can come closer to the stage to watch how amazing Takara-san is. Finally, when I moved the lighting and sound booth father away, I was able to add more lights and speakers on the grid so we can show just how beautiful and awe-inspiring Takara-san is. I've also added some lights on top of the building. Its primary function is to advertize her while she is performing to increase her popularity ever so slightly. I've also added some televisions screens both inside and outside of the building so that everyone would have a chance to see her live performance. In addition, I made sure that every broadcast station would be able to capture her for that one hour that she has on stage. However, I noticed that, although I have thought all of that, the building structure was not suitable for it because it made the area cramped, so I made the building bigger."

"So, you intentionally increased the size of the building from the start," I stated.

"What," Osamu asked. "It's not like it is a crime to redecorate the building."

"If you are going to do that, how about relocating her performance," I asked.

"But, that would be bad for those who've bought the tickets for it already," Osamu said.

"There are tickets for this," I said, surprised.

"Obviously, this concert is not free," Osamu said.

"How were you able to sell them in such a limited amount of time," I asked.

"Well, I gave some tickets to the press, some tickets to the music producers, sent an e-mail to all of the students here, posted it on her website," Osamu began.

"She even has her own website," I asked.

"Of course, all idols have their own website. It's common knowledge," Osamu said.

"I am getting tired just talking to you about this ridiculous idea," I commented.

"Anyway, onto my next idea," Osamu continued.

Are you going to ignore everything that is wrong with your first one? Osamu walked up to the blackboard with several other papers in hand. Placing everything on the teacher's desk, he took three posters and placed them onto the blackboard using several sticky tacks. The middle picture comprised of Takara with a yellow puffy blouse with frills, a puffy orange skirt with frills, gold stockings, and orange shoes. That was her original outfit for her show gigs. The poster on the left showed Takara wearing an overly done pink dress with multiple frills and flowers, a pink shawl, white silk gloves, white tap shoes, and a pink ribbon in her hair. The poster on the right consisted of Takara wearing a skimpy black tube top, a black miniskirt, black stockings, and black boots. Upon closer inspection, I could make out what appeared to be a whip attached to her miniskirt. What exactly is this person thinking?

"I figured that people might be bored seeing her wear the same outfit over and over again, so I think an expanding wardrobe is in order," Osamu explained. "I really like the one on the left. I think the color of the dress along with the flowers would bring out a cuter side of Takara-san that we have not seen before. It would surely catch the eyes of many people all over the world and make them fall for her. It should also boost her idol status even more than the other competitors out there. Now, the one on the right…"

"Shall be disregarded and removed immediately," I quickly said.

"You didn't let me finish," said Osamu.

"Why would I let you finish when your ideas are already ridiculous as they are," I asked.

"They're not ridiculous," Osamu said. "They're highly logical. The one on the right would be used for late-night performances. The younger age would never know that she would wear something like this because her night appearance would be held in secrecy for the die-hard fans. I created a daring type of apparel for her, one that would arouse some of her fans taste. Combined with her already marvelous songs, this would increase her popularity even more, making her status in the music world, which is already heighted thanks to my ingenious ideas, even greater. How's that for good management skills and productivity?"

There are so many things I wanted to point out to him. First, what kind of backhand deals did your folks use to make your family so rich and successful? Second, why are you following their footsteps, and how long have you done these maniacal plots? There a multiple things that I wish to point out, but a straightforward answer should do the trick.

"She is not going to like any of your ideas," I said.

"Why not," Osamu asked. "I thought my ideas were fantastic."

"They are ideal, but not practical," I said. "Maybe it is possible to change her wardrobe and increase its variety, but the rest of the plan is not going to work, both physically and realistically. Please, understand that much."

"You really don't think it's going to work," Osamu questioned.

"Is that not what I have been trying to get to your thick skull from the start," I remarked.

"Well, it all depends on Takara-san's reply, so I'll wait for her," Osamu said.

"I am going to tell you once more: she will not agree to this," I said.

"Speak of the devil, she is coming here now as we speak," Osamu said, looking outside.

I looked outside the window. Sure enough, Takara's limousine was outside. The same chauffer walked out of the driver's seat and opened the door for Takara to step outside. Luckily, there was no one outside giving her a standing ovation similar to back then. I assumed Taiga was inside the building, which meant there was a high chance that she was eavesdropping in our conversation. I took a quick glance out the back door and noticed that the door was slightly opened. It could mean that she was listening in on us, but I did not want to jump to that conclusion yet. As Osamu waited for Takara to come inside our homeroom, I began to hear noticeable footsteps coming towards our direction. The door to our classroom opened. As I suspected, Takara was the one who opened the door. Osamu smiled.

"Thank you for waking up so early and coming here, Takara-san," Osamu said.

"No problem," said Takara. "I just need the compensation for waking up at this hour."

"Of course, how can I forget that," Osamu said.

Osamu gave her ten-thousand yen, which she immediately accepted. He bribed her to wake up early for this silly thing? What kind of a man is he?

"Thank you," Takara said. "Now, what is it that you want to talk to me about?"

"Takara-san, I would like you to look at this floor plan," Osamu said.

I moved out of the way as Osamu brought her to our desks. Osamu explained once again his idea on remodeling the entire building to make her more popular. To my surprise, Takara was nodding after every sentence that Osamu spoke. Do not tell me that she is actually interested in his far-fetched ideas. She should be smart enough to know that his plan is illogical given the time limit that we have until her show.

"So, what do you think about this idea," Osamu said.

"I think it's great," Takara said. "You're such a good manager!"

Are my ears deceiving me? I cannot believe that she accepted it so quickly.

"By the way, when can you start changing the place," Takara asked.

"If I give them the call, they will start working on it as soon as possible," Osamu replied.

"Okay, but if you can't fix the place before my show starts, and my show is cancelled due to your changes, I'll make sure you receive a slow, painful death," said Takara, smiling.

"Don't worry about it," Osamu said. "I'll get it done in no time; you'll see.."

Why do I have a feeling that she was actually serious when she just said she might kill him? Why do I also believe that that smile was of malicious intent rather than something to laugh off of? Moreover, how can he just accept the fact that he might actually die?

"If you love that idea, then you're going to love my next idea," Osamu said.

Osamu walked over to the blackboard and presented her the two costumes that he told me about. Again, Takara made the same reactions as she did with the building idea.

"What do you think about that," Osamu said. "It's pretty great, right?"

"I like the first costume, but I really hate the second costume," Takara said.

Finally, this woman has some sense in her mind after all.

"But, why not, Takara-san," Osamu asked.

"I don't know if my fans are going to like it," Takara said. "It's too scary."

"Now, I'm sure that your fan are logical and intelligent," Osamu said. "It will be fine."

Explain to me how wearing something like that is going to keep any man sane.

"Still, I think that's a lot of risks involved if I wear that," Takara said.

"But, I've already made both of these costumes for you," Osamu said.

No one asked you to create them in the first place.

"You created them for me already," Takara repeated.

"Yes, and I've made sure that the clothes would fit perfectly on you," Osamu said.

"Well, you did create them for me, and I don't want you to throw them away like that," Takara said. "How about this: I'll take both of them because you've already made them, but I'm still going to wear the pink one and not that other one. Is that a deal?"

"Well, it's better than nothing," Osamu told her.

"Okay then," Takara replied. "Also, when are you going to start calling them? If you're going to change the building, you better do it as soon as possible so that my show does not get cancelled because of you. If that happens, I'll make sure that your body is cut into pieces."

"Alright then, I'll call them right now," Osamu said.

Osamu quickly took his phone out of his pocket and instantly called a building company while Takara looked at him, smiling. Why do I continue to have a bad feeling about all of this?

After Takara gave Osamu her opinion on his ideas, she quickly left the classroom to prevent any further chaos happening in our homeroom. The morning went by quite peacefully, to my surprise. I would have assumed there would be more instance of those large crown reactions, but I guess everyone learned his or her lesson from the principal. Osamu did not like the idea of staying in the classroom for the remainder of the time, so he decided to walk outside. I was left alone in the classroom. Unlike Osamu, I enjoyed this tranquility. Given his personality, it was be understandable why Osamu would want to move around. I took a quick nap to regain the lost energy that I had over arguing with Osamu, but it was short lived as more people arrived to the classroom. I decided to wake up to greet those that were already inside. Oddly enough, Taiga was not among the people whom I first greeted. In fact, she walked in a few minutes after I have woken up. She did not sound different when she greeted me. What I saw from before may have been my imagination. Soon, Naoki, Kaito, Riku, walked into the classroom and sat in their respective seats.

"Good morning, Nakamoto-kun," Riku said.

"Good morning to you guys, too," I said to them.

"Boy, you can almost feel the fall season coming towards us," Naoki said.

"I know what you mean," Riku said. "The colors on the leaves are starting to change from where I live in. It really is a beautiful thing to see."

"It's just dead leaves," Kaito explained. "It's all science."

"Come on, don't say it like that," Naoki said. "You're going to ruin the picture."

"But that is what they are," Kaito side. "A loss of sunlight would mean fewer nutrients for chloroplast, which would mean, in turn, a loss of green pigment. Nothing more than that."

"If you keep acting like that, you're not going to find a girl anytime soon," Naoki said.

"Just to clarify it for you, I…" Kaito began.

"Okay, the conversation has derailed to another jurisdiction," I said. "How about we calmly discuss something different, such as academics or nutrients?"

As we were conversing, Osamu walked into the classroom full of smiles. He skipped to his desk and laughed sinisterly. Naoki, Kaito, Riku, and I were confused.

"U-Um, Osamu-san, are you okay," Riku asked.

"Oh, I'm fine. Everything is fine here," Osamu replied.

"With the way you just acted, you weren't, you roach," said Kaito.

"Hey, hey, that was pretty mean," Osamu said. "Anyway, check this out, guys."

Osamu quickly shuffled through his pocket and revealed five tickets in his hands.

"Hey, aren't those the tickets for Seno-," Riku said.

Osamu swiftly covered Riku's mouth with his hand and placed the tickets back inside his pocket. He shifted his head from side to side, looking to see if anyone was eavesdropping on our conversation. Thankfully, no one was listening to Riku when he said those words.

"Keep it down," Osamu said to him. "Do you want others to hear about this?"

"How did you get them," Naoki asked. "I thought they were already sold out by now."

"That's true, but I have personally asked Takara-san herself if she can give me some spare tickets for her concert," Osamu explained. "As you've seen, it was a success."

"You probably bribed her to give you some free tickets, maggot," said Kaito.

"I would never do such a thing, especially if the recipient is a girl," Osamu said.

He thinks he can get away with such a lie? We all know your personality well enough.

"Well, I've already obtained the tickets, which means all four of you are coming, right," Osamu said.

"Wrong, you flea," Kaito said. "I have no intention going to such an absurd thing."

"Hey, it's going to be great," Osamu plead. "You should definitely see this."

Great as in you were the one that planned it and wish to show it off to us.

"I'm afraid I can't go either," Naoki replied.

"You too, Naoki," Osamu pouted. "But why?"

"Well, I would love to go to the concert to support Senoue-san, but music isn't really my thing," Naoki explained. "Also, I have something to do tonight."

I wonder if it is a night time date with Miyano-san.

"Geez, you guys are no fun at all," Osamu said. "What a waste of tickets."

"If you don't mind, can I have two of them," Riku asked.

"Really," Osamu said, surprised. "You're going to come over with somebody?"

"Well, that's a surprise, coming from you, Riku," said Naoki.

"Well, I do wish to go there for moral support," Riku said. "Plus, it's a shame to waste those tickets like that, so I'll also bring someone with me."

"You're a lifesaver, Riku," said Osamu. "Is the person you're bringing your girlfriend?"

And, immediately, he turns from a humble friend to a nosy one.

"No, just a friend who might be interested in going," Riku replied.

"Alright then, what about you Nakamoto," Osamu asked.

Before I responded, I turned to where Taiga was sitting. Apparently, she had her eyes on us as soon as Osamu entered the classroom. When our eyes met, she quickly glanced back at her desk to read a magazine. While we were still too far away for her to truly note what the five of us were talking about, she may have a clue given Riku's reaction from before.

"I guess I should take two as well. I have someone who is willing to go," I said.

"Alright then, that means all the tickets are used. Thanks, guys," said Osamu.

"Well, it would be a shame if it went to waste," Riku said.

While the four of them continued to converse about the tickets, I had my mindset on something else. The words that Takara said only a few minutes ago still disturbed me so. What is with Senoue-san and her violent words this morning? She would never say things like that during our first year when she was still auditioning for multiple companies. Did her attitude change during our second year, or was that her true personality from the start? No, I must be thinking too hard. My thoughts were derailed, for the school bell rang, signaling the start of morning classes. Those who were not from our class quickly scrambled away from the classroom. At the same time, students who were supposed to be in our homeroom quickly raced to the room. Soon, the teacher walked into the classroom. After the usual morning greeting, the school day began.

The morning classes consisted of nothing but boring lectures, and the afternoon classes did not do much to entertain my well being. The only true form of entertainment was during our lunch hour when Osamu bickered highly about the most random of subjects. Naoki and Riku were trying their best to follow Osamu's unusual pace while Kaito was out eating with Nagisa. I was only there to break his flow whenever he was about to go out of control. Soon, the day ended as if nothing major occurred. As always, I pretended that I was into the lecture when I was actually sleeping. Another successful day in fooling all of my teachers.

"Okay, you two, be sure to actually bring someone to the concert," Osamu said to Riku and me. "These seats are supposed to be good, so bring somebody, or else."

"I'll try my best, but I'm sure I'll be able to bring someone along," Riku said.

"Alright then, so I'll see you all later then," Osamu said.

"Where exactly are you going so soon," I asked.

"Well, I have to be at the site to see how the construction is going," Osamu said. "I have to make sure things are going well or my body will be cut into parts."

"You better hurry, for time is running out," I said.

"Don't worry; I have all the time in the world," Osamu said.

I am surprised that you say that so nonchalantly when your life is on the line, figuratively or literally. Osamu quickly ran out of the classroom.

"What a joke," Kaito said. "I actually hope he doesn't make it in time."

"Even if you were joking, that wasn't very funny," Naoki said.

"What I find more amazing is that you two specifically declined his offer," I told them.

"And why is that," Naoki asked.

"Well, it is a concert starring our school's idol," I explained. "Also, do you not believe that the concert will score additional points in your already blossomed route?"

"Can you please speak in Japanese, not another foreign language," Kaito asked.

"You guys still do not understand your situation," I said. "Should I put it bluntly? I am referring to getting your significant other to watch their classmate live in concert."

There was a long silence. When both of them realized what I have said, they quickly imagined what it would be like to have those spare tickets that Osamu was offering. In Naoki's case, Aya was unsure whether or not she would take them until he manages to convince her to come. For Kaito, Nagisa took them as the two were embraced with a warm bubble. As soon as they were done fantasizing, they immediately went to Riku to ask for his tickets. So, you go after the nicer one with a weaker heart. I cannot tell has the nastier personality.

"Riku, escape through the back door and quickly give it to her," I shouted to him.

"O-Okay," Riku replied. "Thank you very much, Nakamoto-kun."

"Hey, he's escaping. Don't let him get away," said Naoki.

"I will make sure that those tickets are within my grasp," Kaito said.

All three of them ran out of the classroom. Those who were inside were confused as to what happened between the four of us. I should have keep quiet about it and make them learn from their mistake. I will take note of that next time. I turned to look at Taiga. When we caught each other's eyes, she immediately looked back at her backpack. I walked up to her and tried to face her, but she continued to turn the other way. It was getting annoying.

"You can at least tell me why you have been avoiding me," I said.

"Whoever said that I was," Taiga asked.

"Your foul mood proves it," I replied. "What did I do this time to get you angry?"

"You were with Takara-chan the entire morning, weren't you," Taiga questioned.

"What of it," I asked.

"What did you guys talk about," Taiga asked.

"Just regular silly things that Osamu brought up to conversation," I said.

"Was that it," Taiga said.

"And why would I ever lie to you," I asked. "Are you jealous?"

"Why would I be," Taiga said. "She's an idol, and I'm just a regular girl."

Must you be so easy to read? I took out one of Takara's concert tickets and hid it in my palm. I tapped on Taiga's arm until she turned around. When she did, I immediately flashed the ticket to her. Her eyes swiftly widened; her sole gaze was on what was in my hand. In a flash, she tried to take it from my hand, but I quickly placed it in my pocket.

"Where did you get that ticket," Taiga asked.

"I will tell you if you decide to watch her concert with me," I asked.

"You think that bribery is going to make me forgive you for betraying me," Taiga said.

"Well, I am leaving to see it. I will see you later," I said.

I walked out of the classroom with the mindset of going to the concert. While I was curious as to who Riku would bring with him to the concert, my first concern was trying to get my certain someone to be true to her feelings. To increase and savor every moment of my trip to the "renewed" concert hall, I walked a tad slower than my usual pace. Never looking back, I walked down to the first floor and walked to the locker room to change my shoes. While I was putting on my shoes, I felt Taiga's presence once more. What a typical girl. I immediately set out to the concert building. I wished to be there early to see how poorly the preparations of the renovated concert hall were. I walked up to the nearest bus station and waited for the next bus to arrive. Not to my surprise, Taiga was hiding behind a tree, eying every move I made. Of course, I pretended not to notice that she was following me. Soon, the bus arrived, and I paid the fare and sat down on an empty seat. To make it harder for her to conceal herself, I sat near the front ans placed my head down, pretending to take a nap. Taiga quickly walked up to the bus, paid the fare, and sat near the end of the bus while still having an eye on me. Her movements were so obvious that I had to hold my laughter.

Eventually, the bus stopped at the designated location. I got off of the bus and was quite surprised. Not too far away from the bus stop was the concert hall that Osamu was talking about. It was a large, white building with a dome for the roof. As I looked at it more carefully, I saw that there were some searchlights attached on the dome. He did not really recreate the building in time, did he? As the bus left the station, I walked towards the sore thumb that stuck out from the middle of the town. Eventually, I arrived at the concert hall. I could not believe my eyes. Already, there were people waiting in line for her performance. A few were even from our school. All were encased in stanchions that zigzagged all the way to the streets. I guess they really wanted to see her concert. I looked at the building. The hall could easily be mistaken for a federal court. It was much wider than I thought it would. There were several marble pillars that supported the front and four large doors that led inside the building. There were bushes grown in rectangular pots that encircled the building. There were noticeable slits in front of the pots, which could hold the televisions that Osamu was talking about. As I continued to see exactly what Osamu changed, Taiga was hiding behind the bushes. How long is she going to hide from me? I turned around slowly to admire the building. During that time, Taiga quickly hid from my view. While Taiga was hiding, I silently ran behind the same bush she was at. By the time she turned around, she was confused as to where I went. She stood up and looked at her surroundings until I quickly tapped her on the shoulders. She yelped and quickly turned around.

"I cannot believe you actually did that," I said.

"N-Nobuyuki, w-what are you doing here," Taiga stuttered with a loss of words.

"I would like to say the exact same question to you," I replied.

"W-Well, I was around the area," Taiga said.

"I see," I said. "I still have the extra ticket. Are you sure you do not wish to see it?"

"I guess I have no choice, since that would be a waste, and I'm already here," Taiga said.

If you can be honest with yourself, it would not have taken this long to obtain it. I sighed and handed the ticket over to Taiga. She swiftly snatched it from my hand and gazed at it with full affection. This girl has a hard time hiding her feelings. Looking past Taiga, I saw Riku and someone else walking towards us at a distance. I waved to Riku, and the two of them walked over to us. Taiga turned around and was surprised.

"Riku-kun, Chikako-chan, what are you guys doing here," Taiga asked.

"Hey, that's not my name," she replied.

"Whoops, sorry, I forgot about that," Taiga replied

"So, what is your name this time," I asked.

"Today, my name is Yamanobe Nako," Nako said.

"Not that it was going to be of any importance to begin with," I blatantly stated.

"Why did you ask in the first place," Nako asked.

"So, why are you here," I said. "I never knew you were a fan of Senoue-san."

"I came to support our classmate," Nako said. "Live information is always better."

Osamu walked out of the back door of the building and walked around the premises to check the crowd outside. As he was viewing the crowd, he saw us collaborating with one another and quickly ran up to us. I was the first one who noticed his presence as he walked up to us.

"Hey, you guys, I'm glad that you made it," Osamu said to Riku and me. "Class president is here, too. That's a nice touch. So, you did bring your girlfriend with you, Riku."

"I told you already that she's a friend that may come with us," Riku explained.

"There is no point in explaining that to someone like him," I said. "Moving on, I see that there is no construction work going on. Do not tell me that you have already completed it?"

"Of course, I did," Osamu said. "I promised that I would get it reconstructed before her event started, and I did. A true producer never goes back on his word."

"That is highly unlikely and impossible," I said.

"We have an hour left before her show starts, and the doors will be opening soon," said Osamu. "How about I give you guys the backstage area? You get a free VIP access tour courtesy of the Fujioka family. It's an offer you can't resist. What do you say?"

"I like the sound of that, venturing a building I would not see in a while," Nako said.

"Alright, then it's decided," Osamu said. "Follow me before the crowd comes in."

With thanks to Nako's words, I had no choice but to follow this nonsense. Osamu brought us to the back door that he came out from. Osamu took out a key from his pocket and opened the door. We walked through a hallway that had doors with gold labels. One door that I passed by had Takara with a stylist. She seemed fine, but I could not read any emotions off her. We walked out to another door that led us to the backstage. There was a band trying to set up their instruments, and chords were neatly placed against the walls of the building. The chords led to the large speakers noticeably placed at the mid-to-front ends of the stage. We were standing behind a large screen with a black curtain separating us from the screen. There were several other screens that blocked our view from the audience. Osamu led us to a small, steep stairwell that lead to another narrow hallway that led to the hall where people started to walk towards their seats. There were multiple fixated chairs that were separated by two walkways. The stage was also wider and had more space than I predicted it to be. There was several colored lighting that surrounded the top rim of the building. Surprisingly, a disco ball hung in the center of the building. He really did make it in time. What sorcery did he use for this?

"So, what do you think? It's pretty neat stuff, don't you think," Osamu said.

"I think we're going to be blinded and deaf by the time this is over," Nako said.

"I have to agree with that," Riku added.

"It's a concert, so you have to exploit some things to get the message sent," said Osamu.

"I think you've emphasized it a bit too much for my taste," Taiga said.

"I'm sure the rest of the fans don't mind it," Osamu said.

If given an archetype, you would surely be the heel after all you have currently done.

"The show is about to start soon, so sit down while you still have a chance," Osamu said.

Osamu pointed at the front row seats near the center of the stage. We sat down at our designated seats, waiting for the show to begin. I could easily tell that Taiga was very elated that she would get to see Senoue-san up close in her outfit. I turned around to see the crowd behind me. I was quite surprised that the auditorium was halfway filled with people. Most of the people here may be very dedicative in supporting Senoue-san. I even saw some people wearing those pink clothing and fans that I would normally see in those manga I had read. I was surprise those clothes actually existed.

Because there was still a few minutes left, the only thing I could do to pass the time was watch as the crowd of people who entered continued to increase and the auditorium continued to fill with people. It was more interesting than trying to hold a conversation with one of the three friends that were currently around me. Taiga was too occupied in anticipating what kind of dress she would wear and what songs she will sing. Nako would only talk about "information" for her own benefit. Riku was not the best person to hold a long conversation with, so he was out of the picture. So, my only form of entertainment at the moment was the incoming people what were heading this way. As the time for her concert drew closer, more people started to cram through the doorway, trying to find their seat so they can prepare for their loud outburst. There were so many people that some were sitting on the floor, blocking the way. I was sure that the security guards will do something about them eventually.

"Hello, and welcome to Senoue Takara's concert!"

Osamu, who was not seen, was speaking out from the large stereo system. He was most likely speaking from backstage. Everyone screamed, including Taiga. Someone is having fun.

"I am glad that all of you are here for this exciting event. I know I am," said Osamu. "So, why should we wait? Let's get started right away. Here's your favorite idol, Takara-chan!"

Everyone in the audience cheered as the screen slowly splits into two. Takara, wearing a overly done pink dress with multiple frills and flowers, a pink shawl, white silk gloves, white tap shoes, and a pink ribbon in her hair, emerged onstage. I could see hearts appearing on the crowd's eyes and above their heads. Even Taiga was hypnotized by the cuteness of Takara. At least Osamu has a decent fashion sense. Takara walked up to the front stage and waved to all of her fans, to which they responded loudly.

"Everyone, thank you for supporting me," Takara said. "Are you ready?"

The audience cheer almost made my ears bleed.

"Alright then, here I go," Takara said.

The music started to play. It was so loud that I felt that the building was shaking and may collapse on us. The audience was screaming form the top of their lungs. Taiga decided to join the refrain as well. While I was sure she appreciated every second of her life at this point, I was getting sick of the overbearing noise. Bright lights were flashing and moving all over the stage. Takara performed a small dance as the instrumental played. As soon as she sang, the intensity from the crowd grew tremendously. Although I was bothered by the sound, I was surprised that Nako and Riku were fine with it. I assumed that I was the only one here with sensitive ears. As I tried to focus on the stage, I noticed Takara's smile and glowing personality as she was singing to the crowd. I was relieved. Maybe I am overthinking all of this. She seems fine now, just like she was during her first year. I guess I can put my mind at ease. It would be a lot healthier for me as well. All I sat and stared at Takara as she gave it her all onstage.

*To be continued*