The sharp and unforeseen squeal of an air horn being blasted into the air yanked him out of his field of darkness and comfort with sudden intensity as he nearly jumped out of his skin and screamed, flailing his hands in every direction. Because of those actions, it caused the blanket that had been wrapped around him to tangle awkwardly around his limbs like a net.

Due to the sudden tangle and being unable to stop himself from moving, Jack Musgrove found himself being trapped in a broken cocoon that was made of soft cotton. With one arm and one leg still inside the blanket as he fell off the couch he managed to land on the floor with an awkward and painful thud.

Waves of pain washed over his body as he gave out a sudden yelp as he sprawled out. It was quickly followed by hysterical laughter that was clearly female and highly amused. Jack grabbed the blanket that entrapped his limbs and roughly threw it off of himself when another voice materialized.

"Lia!" A male voice yelled from behind him, clearly as irritated as Jack was.

"Yes?" The girl asked innocently, like nothing had ever happened. Even though Jack was now rubbing his eyes and trying to calm a skull that felt like it had a working jackhammer inside, he could see and feel the smirk on Lia's face.

"Why did you use the air horn?" The boy asked, clearly not pleased at being woken up in such a manner. Not that Jack could blame him as he was feeling a little peeved himself. After all, if the splitting headache wasn't enough, his eyes felt heavy and his breath felt dry and stale. He was still feeling tired and his entire body was sore, and it wasn't just because of the recent and sudden crash landing. His stomach felt as if it had hot stones inside of it.

"Well the alarm clock certainly wasn't going to wake you two up, now was it?" Lia answered readily with a soft wave of the hand. It caused Jack to sigh, mostly because there was no alarm clock in the living room, but also because she was right. Even if there had been an alarm clock within the living room and it had gone off, his friend, Jack Raynor, would have either smashed his fist over the snooze button, or unplugged the digital clock entirely, before going back to sleep. If there was one thing that both Jacks liked it was sleep. Especially when they were feeling as rotten as they currently were.

"Well that doesn't mean you can just-" Jack Raynor started to say before Lia pressed her finger down on the button at the top of the handheld air horn, allowing it to blare out a loud, high pitched squeal. It caused both Jacks to yell and cover their ears once again. Jack Musgrove felt his pulsing headache flare up and become worse because of that. "God fucking dammit, Lia! Stop!"

"You're both not going to fall back asleep on me now, are you?"

Jack Musgrove would have liked to do nothing more than just that, but as his the inside of his head was being massacred, he didn't want Lia to let the air horn sing again.

"Nooo." Both boys said nearly at the same time in an exhausted and defeated manner.

"Good. Now, why don't you two clean up that mess there?"

Both Jacks turned to where Lia was pointing to, and saw that there was a coffee table containing numerous cans of empty Keystone beers, a near empty bottle of Jim Beam bourbon, bags potato chips, and a lone container of seven layer dip. Crumbs and dip were scattered all over the table and the floor like a left over buffet. It was a mess to say the least.

"Why can't you help us with this? And where's Craig?" Jack Raynor asked.

"Craig's making us all breakfast," Lia answered. "And it's not my mess. AND I also didn't stay up all night drinking and snacking and watching movies all night because I felt sorry for myself."

"Well you can still-" Jack Raynor started, but when Lia held up the air horn in a threatening manner, he stopped and knew better than to pursue. Jack Musgrove was grateful for that as he didn't want his headache to become any worse than it already was. Even so, he felt himself tense up a little and waiting for the onslaught to commence.

"We'll clean it up." Jack Musgrove sighed in a defeated manner as he shakily got to his feet.

"Glad to hear." Lia said with a smile of triumph as she lowered the miniature weapon of mass destruction. Jack Musgrove breathed a sigh of relief. "And boys, be sure to shower when you're done, you both stink of a god damn brewery."

"Yes, mom." Both Jacks muttered with sarcasm before they sluggishly began to work.

Both Jacks looked at the contents they held in the black plastic bags they were throwing into the trash cans and wondered if they had really drank that much last night. Because even as they looked at what they placed in the bags, they were still shocked at the amount of things they had to put in them. They tried to recount the night, but partway through everything in their memory became a blur. Suddenly, Jack Musgrove understood why he felt like a pile of shit.

But then again, he had been drinking the night away to stop feeling like a pile of shit in the first place. Funny how things turned out.

Wanting to forget about how he and his girlfriend had broken up Friday afternoon just after school had ended and how she wouldn't return his voicemails or texts, no matter how many he sent her. She had said that she didn't want to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore and that they should find someone better suited for them. Because in her words, the relationship just wasn't working out. Whatever that meant.

Jack had felt devastated at first, but then his mind became paranoid and wondered if she had been cheating on him with someone else. Was that why she wasn't answering him back? Because she was busy banging someone else? His mind flashed images of her naked body on top of another naked body as they groaned in pure bliss and hated himself for conjuring those images up.

More and more of those thoughts plagued his mind as the days went on, no matter how much he tried to not thinking about it. But it was problematic as nearly everything seemed to remind him of those thoughts. Finally, he just asked if he could crash at his best friend's house and drink with him as he didn't want to be alone with his depressing thoughts.

Jack Raynor readily agreed and only asked that he get in on some of the action. Jack Musgrove didn't mind, just glad that someone was going to be with him in his time of crisis and willing to drink on a Sunday night.

The two of them spent the night away watching action movies and bullshitting as they powered away beer and bourbon. It had been an alright night.

"So, Jack?" Jack Musgrove said as they started to smoke Marlboro cigarettes on the porch, wanting to decrease the intensity of the hangovers they were experiencing.

The day was already working against them as it was clear skied and the sun was shining brightly. The air was cool, but nothing a jacket couldn't fix. Jack wondered if he had ever hated birds singing so much in his life before now.

"Yes, Jack?" Jack Raynor asked.

"Is your sister still single?" Jack Musgrove asked, thinking of how his girlfriend might be cheating on him and how he had harbored feelings for Lia Raynor for years now. She was a pretty girl with a tall and lean body from dance classes. She had a spray of freckles that ran across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose that were accompanied by some pimples on her forehead. But the most noticeable feature about her, like her brothers, other than the fact they all looked more or less twenty two years old, was her smooth and silky red hair that always seemed to shine. Not only that, but she was limber as well, which probably made her great in bed.

Many a nights he had thought of those legs wrapped around his waist as she rode him cowgirl style.

Jack Musgrove was smiling with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation, because while he did want to ask Lia out, there were always at least two things standing in his way. Her brothers, Jack and Craig Raynor. Triplets through and through and very protective of each other, Jack had asked his best friend if he could date his sister more than once, and was always told that he could never date her unless he wanted to end up in the morgue.

It wasn't that he was a bad person, it was just that Jack Raynor didn't want his best friend to be dating his sister. Jack Musgrove didn't see what the big deal was, but Jack Raynor kept on reminding him that he, as an only child, had no sister and wouldn't understand. Jack Musgrove just felt as if his friend was being a little too over protective as he had known the three of them since first grade.

Even so, it didn't stop him from trying once in a while. If only to see his friend's reaction and to see if he finally had a chance.

But as Jack Musgrove looked at his friend, he smile quickly faded at the sight of the death glare that he was receiving.

"You asking to date my sister is already bad enough," Jack Raynor said with annoyance and anger as he jabbed his hand, the one that was holding the lit cigarette, towards his friend's face multiple times. "But you want to make my sister your fucking rebound? Go fuck yourself, I'm just glad you didn't try asking her out while you were wasted last night."

"Yeah... I guess." Jack Musgrove sighed as he sucked on his cigarette and blew out a cloud of smoke.

He could just picture what would have happened if he had attempted it. Whether Lia said yes or no, he could see his friend getting pissed off and wanting to hurt him. And because Jack Raynor was tall and large with broad shoulders and an athletic build, he could easy overpower the shorter and skinnier Jack Musgrove.

Jack Raynor was part of the school rugby team and routinely bowled people bigger than his friend on a regular basis, while Jack Musgrove was part of the drama club. It didn't exactly make him popular or a hit with the girls, but he often joked with his friends that while sports got you the looks, the jocks would always be surrounded by cocks in the shower room while he'd be backstage with the ladies.

"But if you're so desperate for a rebound, why don't you ask out Tammy Wilkens."

Jack Musgrove gave out a sharp exhale of air and smoke before shaking his shaggy brown hair and answering back.

"That slut? No thanks, who knows what kinds of S. T. Ds she's got between her legs. Isn't that why you never bang her? Despite having many chances? And besides, she's a freshman, and pregnant. I don't want to be caring for some brat that isn't even mine." He was not ready for kids, and didn't even want any. They were high maintenance and their mom would want to spend all their time with them. And if they weren't, he'd have to take care of them, and they didn't seem all that fun, despite how quickly girls seemed to fawn over them like they were the best kind of toy to play with. So dating mothers was out of the equation.

"Hey," Jack Raynor replied as he held his hands up in mock surrender with a small, crooked smile. "It's only a suggestion."

"Well I only want to hear intelligent suggestions." Jack Musgrove replied back with his own smile as he gently pushed his friend with his hand.

"Well if I hear of any other loose and easy girls that are clean and closer to our age, I'll let you know." Jack Raynor said with a chuckle as both of them finished off their cigarettes before snuffing them out in the porch ashtray and going back inside, ready for breakfast and a shower.

It had been too late in the morning for Jack Musgrove to go back to his home and get a fresh pair of clothes, so after his shower, Jack Raynor threw him a plain grey t-shirt and a pair of jeans, both of which were a little large and loose on him, but with a belt around the jeans and telling himself that he could live with a shirt a size too big for him, it wasn't too bad.

Now he was sitting in the dinning room table with all three of the Raynor triplets, scarfing down pancakes drowned in syrup, with a side of scrambled eggs, bacon, and apple slices. And it was beyond delicious. Everyone swore that Craig Raynor was going to own his own restaurant some day and excelled in the home ec classes. If the school had a cafeteria, there was no doubt in his mind that Craig would volunteer there as well. But alas, Craig's true passion was office work. Jack didn't know why Craig would pursue being a paper pusher, but to each their own. It probably had something to do with the fact that Craig liked the mostly tranquil atmosphere of the library and hung out with more of the nerdy cliques within the school.

Jack Musgrove ate as quickly as he could, mostly because everyone wanted to get to school in time. Lia had informed them that she had felt kind enough to allow everyone to sleep in due to their alcohol binge, but everyone knew that it was just an excuse for her to say that she wanted to sleep in as well. Both Jacks weren't the only ones in the house that liked sleep.

The only reason they were able to be this close to the wire was because the Raynor adults started work extremely early in the morning, leaving their kids to their own devices. The Musgrove parents were of a different story, as they'd always wake their son up well in advance as to make sure that he was never late for school.

While he had been smoking, he saw that the had several missed calls from his mom. He had sent her a text message, telling her that he was indeed going to school and would get there in time.

He wondered if he should have even bothered with the cigarette outside since he was eating so fast he was barely tasting the food and felt that he was going to choke on it at any moment. But the hangover had been reduced slightly, so maybe it had been worth it.

Jack Musgrove was little less than halfway done when he looked up and saw that everyone else was scraping what little scraps remained on their plates into their mouths. It always amazed him how quickly the Raynor triplets could finish off their food, especially Lia, who was fond of wearing white tops and never seemed to get them dirty.

Looking at her white collared blouse, he saw that there wasn't a single stain on it. It made him peer down at the shirt he was wearing, and saw drops of sticky syrup and crumbs staining it. He gave out a sigh before he continued feasting.

However, seconds later, he saw his plate being attacked by three different forks as they stole pieces of food from him. Like a pack of hungry vultures, the Raynor triplets were reaching over and taking things without warning or permission.

"Hey hey hey!" Jack Musgrove yelled out as he swung his fork around, fending off the three thieves the best he could. "I was still eating that!"

"We ain't got time slowpoke," Lia responded after she swallowed a chunk of scrambled eggs. "Let's clean that plate and get a move on."

"We're not going to be that late," Jack Musgrove countered as he looked at the clock on the wall. It allowed the triplets to steal another round of food off his plate without him noticing. "Even if we left a few minutes from now we'd still have time to grab our things and get to class in time. Hopefully."

"Yeah," Lia said as she tried to go for another slice of bacon, to which got deflected by a fork poking another fork. It allowed Jack Raynor and Craig to take advantage of the opening, much to his chagrin. "But I want you to talk with Heather before school starts."

"What makes you think that she'd want to talk to me?" He asked as he continued to try and fend off the triplets with both his hands. But even if he managed to stop two of them, the third one got past his defenses. "She hasn't answered any of my calls or texts. Up yours, Craig. And when we last spoke she said that she wanted some space away from me. I was eating that!"

Jack Musgrove looked down at his plate to see how much more food he had left and saw that all that was left were scraps barely worth eating. Peeved at the actions of the triplets, but deciding not to take any actions towards them, he simply sighed and picked up his plate, took it to the sink, and threw it in. The triplets did the same right behind him.

"Yeah, you shouldn't have done that," Lia told him as Craig threw a plastic zip lock bag and a banana at her. She caught it with ease. "It makes you sound and look kind of desperate," Craig then threw the same two items at his brother, who also caught it was ease.

"Heads up!" Craig called out as he threw a plastic bag and a banana at Jack Musgrove. Jack Musgrove was caught off guard and while he managed to catch the two items, he fumbled with them a little and nearly dropped them. He looked at the bag and saw that it contained a sandwich.

"What kind?" He asked.

"Peanut butter and jam." Craig answered as he grabbed his own bag and banana. Jack Musgrove felt disappointed that he didn't get something better since Craig made good food, but he was glad to get something for lunch instead of going hungry or having to mooch off other people.

"But as I was saying," Lia continued as they made their way out of the house, stepping into their respected footwear and grabbing their jackets. "You did sound desperate, and that probably scared her. I think you should just go up to her and ask if you can remain friends, like your drunken self was crying about last night."

Jack Musgrove felt himself flush as they made their way to the Raynor triplet vehicle, an old and light blue four door Ford Explorer.

"I was not crying." He countered, trying to defend himself the best he could.

"Yeah, you're right. It was more like whining." Lia then put on a false high pitched voice that sounded nothing like him as she made a couple of fists and held them to her eyes. "Oh, Heather broke up with me and she won't talk to me. Whaah. I want to remain friends with her but she won't let me say anything. Whaah. I miss her. Whaah."

Jack Musgrove's face continued to get redder as his best friend and Craig struggled to contain their laughter. The palms of their hands covering their mouths, but he could still hear their laughs perfectly. He wanted them to shut up. "And Jack's advice of ignoring her is a crock of shit," she continued to say. Jack Musgrove couldn't decide of she was ignoring her brothers pitiful attempt at laughing or just didn't care. "If you ignore her like he said you should, then she'll probably think you hate her and don't want to talk to her ever again. All because you first acted like a creeper and suddenly want nothing to do with her."

The four of them then climbed into the truck, with the Raynor boys taking the front while the other two took the back. Jack Musgrove would have liked to sit in the middle seat and be next to Lia, but he could see his friend staring at him in the rear view mirror. Almost challenging him. He decided not to sit next to her and challenge the Raynor brother with the excuse of he was just listening and talking to her about Heather. "And you better not even think about doing what Jack proposed last night either." Jack Musgrove racked his brain to try and remember what he and his friend had said last night, but by the time they actually started to discuss him and Heather he was pretty drunk and couldn't remember anything about it.

Thankfully, Lia didn't give him too much of a chance to think about it. "Going out with Tammy Wilkens just for petty revenge," She grumbled loudly with disgust laced in her voice. She let out a sharp exhale of air from her mouth. "Poor girl's gone through enough with her having a baby and not knowing who the father is."

"Well maybe if she kept those legs of her's shut she wouldn't be in that predicament." Jack Raynor replied back as he started up the truck and quickly peeled out of the drive way. "Heard she's still giving free blowjobs to anyone that goes to the bathrooms at a certain time."

"Don't be such an asshole, Jack," Lia snapped at him. "Stuff like might turn her into the next Oliver Fagon."

"Not if she enjoys the attention." Jack Raynor countered.

"Such an asshole." She muttered before she turned back to the Jack that wasn't her brother. "Anyway, Jack, don't do what you two talked about and just talk to Heather."

"Uhhh, I don't really want to." Jack Musgrove said with a nervous smile as he scratched the back of his head.

He really wanted to talk to Heather, but after what Lia had said, about her maybe thinking that he was a desperate creeper, he didn't want to permanently scare her away. That, and he was terrified of what she would say.

He then saw Lia glare at him with such intensity that it looked like she was trying to burn a hole into his brain. He didn't like that stare. Not one bit.

"Fine," he sighed, defeated. "I will. Just hope she doesn't blow me off."

"Or do you?" Jack Raynor suggestively said with a smile. "Eh? Eh?" It got Lia to kick the side of his seat before he gave out a laugh.

As Lia and Jack began to argue and Craig turned the volume of the radio up, trying to drown them out with alternative rock, Jack Musgrove looked out the window and wondered if he could even approach Heather and talk to her.

When they arrived at school most of them split off to go their separate ways. Jack Raynor found a group of his jock teammates and went over to talk to them. He briefly heard a couple of them talking enthusiastically about their latest conquests and about the upcoming game. Craig walked off from the group almost immediately upon entering the building, presumably to the library to meet with his nerdy friends or to his first class to finish off some homework.

Lia on the other hand stayed close to Jack Musgrove's side. Jack knew that Lia was only there to make sure that he actually went and talked to his ex-girlfriend, Heather Hills, but that didn't stop him from imagining that she secretly wanted to spend time with him and have an excuse to be close to him.

She was so close that despite the hallway smelling of body odor and cheap body spray, he could smell the shampoo she used this morning. He didn't even mind that she was grabbing the back of his brown jacket and actively leading him down the hallway by force. Mostly.

The school was in one of it's worse temperatures since the air condition and heating units had broken down once again. Nobody knew why it kept on breaking down, but everyone wished that the school would fix them since it had been hot and humid at the beginning of the school year and the weather outside was threatening to become cold in the near future.

He sighed and regretted telling her that he was nervous about talking to Heather and told himself he should have lied and said that he was going to talk to her. But no. Because he had voiced that he was scared, Lia made it her mission to make sure that he talked to her. And no matter how much he pleaded, Lia wasn't letting him get away.

Navigating around the halls as he was being lead towards Heather's locker, he spotted some of the student body lingering the hallway starting the day in their own special way. A group of girls gossiping by a water fountain, a gang of goths decked out in black, a tired looking skater drinking coffee as another gathered books from their locker, and many other kids going past. He spotted a couple of loners, one of which was sitting out in the quad playing a PSP, completely ignoring everyone and everything around him.

That is, until a couple of the school's criminals came to him and sat on either side of him. Jack suddenly felt very sorry for the kid as the twins, Joel and Britney Everett began talking to him.

The twins were notorious for being suspended numerous times, and word in the hallways was that they had been expelled from three other schools. With them, trouble often followed as they weren't afraid to beat the shit out of anyone. Often they tormented anyone that was deemed unlucky that day for little to no reason.

The only thing that seemed to make people go to them was the fact that they dealt drugs to those that came to them. Good ones too. But as of late, they seemed to have jacked their prices up by a ridiculous amount.

Strangely, the PSP kid didn't seem to register that the psychotic twins were on either side of him, even as Joel put his arm around the kid's shoulders. Jack wondered if the kid had a death wish as he quickly got out of their sight.

Despite those two being back, the hallways, or the entire school for that matter, felt a whole lot more cheery than it had before. It probably had something to do with the fact that the walls now had something that everyone was looking forward to. A dance was coming up in two weeks time as well as a school play just before that, and people were excited. It lifted the school spirits and disintegrated the depressing atmosphere that the previous posters had caused. Sure it was a shame and bitter event that Oliver Fagon died, but the constant reminders of his picture on construction paper and numbers for mental health gave the school a somber feeling to it.

But now that the pictures of the dead student and most of the mental health posters had been torn off, it was business as usual.

Even so, the closer he got to Heather's locker, the more stressed out he felt as he started to lightly sweat and his heart picked up the pace.

"I don't think I want to do this anymore." Jack repeated to Lia as they rounded the final corner they needed to take. When they got around it, he saw her. Heather Hills. Short of stature with raven black hair and pale skin. Could stand to lose a few pounds, but she was still pretty in her light blue sweater.

Jack felt his throat drying up as Lia forced him forward. "Lia, please..." He begged to deaf ears. He knew that there was no getting out of it as they continued to approach her.

It wasn't until he was right beside her that Heather even noticed him.

"Oh," she said with a bit of a startle as her eyes averted from him. "Hi."

"Hi..." He said back to her, feeling Lia release her grip on his jacket. Jack then felt her moving away from him and he figured he had a chance to get away. Maybe he could just avoid Heather for a while until he got his nerves back up. Kind of difficult since they shared a class together and went to the same drama club, but he'd find a way. He was sure of that. But when he looked back, he could see Lia standing just a few feet away. She noticed him looking and sharply jabbed a finger at Heather while giving him a stern look. It caused him to swallow a lump in his throat as his plan crumbled and he began to speak again. "Can we talk?" He asked nervously when he turned back to Heather.

"I guess," She told him as she shut her locker and clicked the lock on. "Come walk with me." She said as she held her books over her chest.

Jack did just that, hoping that Lia would leave him alone, but much to his dismay, she was following them like a private investigator does with their target. Except she was allowed to be seen. "So, those messages and texts..." Heather said, which added another layer to Jack's guilt and nervousness.

"Yeah..." He said as he scratched the back of his head and felt his face going red. "Sorry about that. But I just wanted to talk to you."

"About?" Heather asked curiously.


"I'm not getting back together with you if that's what you want." Heather readily responded, like she had expected to give that answer.

"It's less of us getting back together and more of wondering why we aren't." Jack corrected. "I mean, why did you break up with me, and not the we're not the right fit for each other bullshit. I want something more clear than that."

"It's just too weird," Heather answered. "We've been friends for so long that that's all I really see you as. And the only reason we got together was because we were pressured into it. Honestly, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did."

Jack sighed as he remembered when he had asked to become her boyfriend. They had been good friends since seventh grade, and some of their friends said that they'd make a really great couple and pestered them into becoming an item. They finally caved in and finally started going out with each other. And at first it was fine, but then Heather became distant. Jack had been fine with the entire thing until that point, but now he felt like an asshole for not noticing that Heather didn't want to be in a relationship with him.

"Why didn't you say anything?" He asked. If she had been so miserable during their time together, why didn't she speak up?

"Because I was worried about your reaction." She said as she pulled her phone from her pocket and waved it playfully in his face, making him blush harder.

"Yeah... Sorry." Feeling even more stupid than before.

"Just don't do that with your next girlfriend or they might think you're a sad and desperate creep."

It was then that Jack heard a long and exaggerated sneeze that he knew was actually laughter. It was coming from behind him, and he knew exactly who it was coming from, and that only made him flush harder. Again. He couldn't believe that Heather had actually said that! Still, he didn't look behind him.

"Noted." He grumbled, glad that the rest of the student population were too engrossed in their own drama to hear what was being talked about. But the next part was the part he dreaded the most. He took a breath before carrying on. "But anyway, the reason I wanted to talk to you. Or rather, one of the reasons. I'm wondering if we can still be friends after all this."

"Of course, Jack," she said with a smile. "I wouldn't want to stop being friends with you just because we dated for a while then broke up." That took a great weight off Jack's mind and body and he felt sweet relief.

"That's good to know." Jack said with his own smile. At that moment, he had wondered what he had been so worried about. Heather was a great friend and she wasn't the type to just up and leave like that. He knew that, so why had he been so worried? "Anyway, I'll see you in math later."

"Yeah," she said happily. "I'm just glad that it won't be awkward between us since we do sit next to each other."

"Me too." Jack replied as Heather changed directions and headed off to her first period class.

Jack sighed happily for just a second before he heard laughter coming from behind him as Lia playfully slapped him on the back multiple times.

"She called you a sad and desperate creep." She laughed, now not even bothering to hide it.

"Yeah yeah," Jack replied, wondering if his face was going to get any redder. "You were right, let it go."

Jack Musgrove hated math for the simple reason that it was hard and complicated, at least in his mind. Never one for numbers and more of an actor if you gave him a script and time, the formulas on the chalkboard looked more like consperecy theories than anything that made a lick of sense.

It was frustrating, especially when a test came up and he couldn't cheat off anyone and studying was a hassle. No matter how much Heather tried to help him through it, he'd just forget everything in a couple of hours or less, making the whole study session useless and make him even more frustrated than before.

Jack had spent many nights just waiting for that failing grade, yet he somehow always managed to pass, if only barely. Still, in his books it was good enough.

So the class made his brain hurt and often left him wanting to fall asleep in class, or at the very least, space out and think of something better. And the way that Mr. Terry spoke made it even worse. Sure he was willing to help out a fellow student in their desperate need during class, but he just made things even more confusing if you asked him for help.

Jack wished that he could just skip the class, but he needed all the help he could get in that class if he wanted to pass, because he couldn't get a study session with his friends every single day. That, and he wanted to graduate. He sighed heavily at thinking of how much bullshit it was that he had to take the stupid class in order to graduate.

Looking around the class, he found that there was only a couple of redeeming factors to the shitty class. One was the fact that Heather was in it with him and she let him copy her notes and occasionally helped him study. The second was the fact that the class had some hot girls in it.

Most of the girls had taken this specific class solely because Mr. Tracy was in it. Tall and handsome while only in his early thirties, girls gushed over him and would try to get close to him by sitting near the front or getting homework lessons from him. He even heard of girls purposely losing homework so that they had to stay after school with him to catch up. It caused quite a stir in the rumor mill when a girl managed to get, what she thought of anyway, a chance with him whether it was because he brushed her arm or he looked at her a certain way. Jack considered it all a pile of shit since there was no proof that he liked any of them that way and they were just making things up. Still, he had to wonder what the girls saw in him.

Though, with the way they wore their skirts, shorts, and scoop neck shirts, Jack wasn't going to complain. Especially if he could get a peek down those shirts.

Wanting to get his mind off those arcane formulas he subtly looked at such a girl that had decided to appear with a yellow sundress that matched her blonde hair. Her smooth and long legs were a sight to see while her bust was of good size.

Jack looked at that girl until something caught his attention. The sound of the classroom door being opened.

Normally it wouldn't have been enough to distracted him from looking at a pretty girl, but the way that the door was opened was rough and noisy, and it caught more pairs of eyes when Mr. Tracy stopped talking.

"Is there someth-" He asked, looking away from the chalkboard, realizing at the same time as Jack as to what exactly they were looking at. At the door was a figure that would by all appearances look normal if it weren't for the fact that they were dressed for combat. A military style looking vest was slung over their chest along with a bandolier stocked with red shells. Covering their head and face was a black balaclava, tinted ski goggles, and a half shell motorcycle helmet. And the most terrifying part of the whole ordeal was that fact that in their hand was a pistol pointed at the teacher.

Before anyone could even process what was going on, three loud pops erupted in rapid succession. In an instant, Mr. Tracy's blood and brains spattered against the chalkboard as he fell lifelessly to the floor.

Then it started. The screaming. Everyone started to scream in pure panic as the gunman turned their pistol towards the front row of the classroom and began to fire at them.

Jack upon instinct fell to the floor in an effort to preserve his life as he heard the insanely loud gunshot being unloaded at them. He didn't know how many were being killed, but the ringing in his ears made the world seem muffled.

He didn't see the second gunman come in, also wearing a military looking vest and bandolier with rifle magazines, but had a red bandana covering everything from their nose to their neck and a backwards red baseball cap on their head. In their hands they held a long cylinder piece of metal with a fuse attached to one end.

As their companion shot at the defenseless and bewildered students, they lit the fuse with their zippo lighter before tossing it into the middle of the classroom.

The shooters exited the classroom, making sure to shut the door behind them. None of the students seemed to notice the pipe bomb, but when some of them eventually did it was too late. The crude explosive detonated, sending bits of broken nails and rocks in every direction as it rocked the room and left everyone in within the confined space deaf. It shattered windows and penetrated through desks and chairs and human flesh. The poor bastard it was closest to had blown him nearly clean in half, sending blood and entrails about while a good number of the class had been hit with shrapnel and were either dead or dying.

The classroom looked like a slaughter house with all the blood and gore that stained the walls, desks, and floor. The screams of terror intensified as they all realized what was happening. The smell of gun smoke and death permeated the room.

Because they were on the first floor, one of the boys tried to escape through one of the windows and only managed to get a hand and leg out when bullets punched him in the chest, sending him back in and making his dead weight collapse onto the girl behind him. Those at the window saw another shooter outside holding a weapon that was larger than a pistol and horror dawned on them that they were trapped.

Jack himself was looking at his chest, which had been riddled with bits of nails and tasted the salty blood coming out of his mouth before he even saw it coming out of his chest and arms. Jack would have screamed if he could, but he was in too much shock and agony to even do that and only managed to get out wet chocking sounds as blood dripped from his mouth.

Almost instantly after the pipe bomb exploded, the duo that started the chaos came in, now brandishing a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle and began to silence any survivors.

"Heath-" Jack groaned weakly before he gave out wet, painful coughs that caused blood to fly from his mouth as his lungs compressed onto themselves.

Jack looked to his right, and saw that his friend had bits of nails embedded in the side of her face and her eyes and mouth were in a state of permanent bewilderment as blood continued to run down her face.

That was the last thing he saw before a bullet passed through the back of his head.