Okay I have to clear some things up.

No, I did not have to do research on dyspraxia and autism because I have both and everyday, I observe people with both. Okay, I had to do a little bit on the internet but chill.

Noboru is a boy with dyspraxia and Misaki is a girl with autism. Misaki also has a bit of asthma and her self-esteem is extremely low.

Okay, let's get to the story.

The house was south of the Moonlit Mountains and in this house lay a small room. The walls were blue but decorated with wall stickers in different colors. One wall had black wallpaper with red spots. There was a bed in the middle of the room. The bed had blue sheets with black butterflies. On a black dresser there was pictures of a family. A young girl lay in the center of the bed. She had brown hair that was tied in a tight bun and she wore red glasses that almost hid her blue eyes. Her attire consisted of an ice blue t-shirt and white trousers. The girl kicked her legs back and forth as she lay on the bed. Suddenly, a short boy with blonde hair entered the room.

"Hey Misaki. We're gonna be late." the boy explained in his timid voice. The girl looked up from her phone. She abruptly jumped upwards and threw her clothes off in mid air. She grabbed a pile of clothes from her dresser and shoved on a pair of blue jeans, a black t-shirt with a blue collar and a black cat hoodie. She stuffed her feet in a small pair of neon orange athletic socks. She rushed past the boy and ran down the stairs. Misaki sat down in a chair and sighed heavily. The boy sat across from her. "Thanks for reminding me we have school today Noboru-Kun!" Misaki beamed as she gulped down a piece of toast. "No problem Misaki...and again, it's just Noboru. I don't like Noboru-Kun." Noboru explained as he opened his yogurt. Misaki wasn't listening. She looked outside to see her adoptive brothers, Sho and Ayumu, playing with each other. Misaki smiled at the fact they were happy as she took another bite of her toast. Noboru sat calmly at the table, staring at Misaki. "Time to go Misaki." he sighed. Misaki leaped to her feet and quickly slipped her feet into a pair of blue and black trainers. She ran out the door and onto her school's grounds. She was shortly followed by Noboru. This is where the high school life of Misaki and Noboru began.

"I am telling you this Noboru. People won't talk to me. I'm probably the ugliest thing they've ever seen." Misaki sighed as she slowly walked down the hallway with Noboru. She has unknowingly jinxed herself. "New kids, huh?" a feminine voice said from behind. Misaki jumped backwards in fright while Noboru stood still with a neutral face. "Oh sorry. I am not used to talking to new people. People don't normally talk to me because I look like a nerd. My name is Hitomi Ennis." a girl with ginger hair and glasses said has she came out of the shadows. Misaki looked at the girl's outfit. She wore a black t-shirt with a green alien pattern along with a mint green skirt. To accompany her t-shirt and skirt, she wore knee-high black socks and green flats. Her previously mentioned glasses were black with aliens on the sides. "I'm Noboru Leeson. This is my adopted sister, Misaki." Noboru explained. "Nice to meet you guys. Let me tell you about some of the noteworthy people around here. The principal, Kiran Abelone. He is really cool but can be scary. He's actually Indian." Hitomi. "Yeah he does look like an Indian teacher from our old school in Ireland...except Mister Abelone is a dude." Misaki commented. "We have the captain of the football team, Miltiades Neil. He gets all the girls." Hitomi continued. "I'll sign up to the football team later." Noboru sighed. "Please let me introduce everyone before interrupting me. I find it very rude. Next is our council president, Godehard Ita. Also a girl magnet. Cheer captain is Blanka Norah. That girl is a total flirt. Of course, our last person is one thing a school cannot live without, a queen bee. Her name is Paca Fanny Hiroko. She is a Leo and she has a self-centered personality mostly associated with a Taurus. She's originally Spanish, in fact she speaks the language. Paca is basically the bully of the school. Her main target is students with special needs. OH SHOOT HERE SHE COMES!" Hitomi continued.

A girl with brown hair and tan skin walked down the hallway and towards Misaki, Hitomi and Noboru. "Are these those new kids with special needs? I knew they would be disgusting creatures. Misaki and Noboru is it?" Paca said as she took off her sunglasses. "Yes we are. I assume you are Paca Fanny Hiroko. You obviously do not know how to do a shirt up the entire way. Seriously, it's the same as doing the rest of the buttons. Even Noboru is better at buttons than you are and he has dyspraxia." Misaki explained. Paca stared at Misaki in anger. "You do not know who you are dealing with. Hmm, what to do with you two. Oh I know, I'll take Noboru as a slave because of his pathetic personality. As for you, Misaki, you better watch your back." she replied before walking off. A red haired boy with downs syndrome was behind Paca the entire time and he looked at Misaki. "You are now my goddess. I am counting on you to save me and the other slaves from Paca. You are the only person brave enough to stand up to her. I admire you so much now. I'm Kiyoshi Christie and I have to follow Paca. Okay bye love you." the boy explained before leaving. It was at this moment that Misaki knew she was going to enjoy her high school life.

Okay so I'm gonna list more facts about this story. I'll do one fact per character that already has a name. I also have a fact about the story's title.

Title fact: The story was inspired by the song You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring because that is the song I associate with Misaki. The title "Right Between the Eyes" is a lyric from the song.

Misaki fact: Misaki means beautiful blossom in Japanese which goes with her character. The reason for this will be revealed later on.

Noboru fact: Unlike Misaki's name, Noboru's name means the opposite of his character. Noboru means rise or ascend in Japanese but he is actually a short boy with little self-esteem. Perhaps he could help with Misaki's plan.

Hitomi fact: Hitomi, as revealed by her clothing, has an obsession with theories and discovering secrets.

Kiyoshi fact: Kiyoshi autism as well as Downs Syndrome.

Paca fact: In the future, people might make fun of her for her middle name.

Another fact: Autocorrect thinks I'm making up words but I am not these are actual names. Look them up on Behind the Name.

Okay I'm done here.