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"Where do we sit? If high school in America is actually like what I see in movies we might as well get comfortable on the floor." Misaki asked as she and Noboru stood in the cafeteria. Noboru pushed up his glasses and placed his tray on the conveyor belt. "So you're getting me lunch? Noob you are such a sweet heart. Paca said from in front of Noboru. Misaki puffed up her left cheek in annoyance. The trays continuously moved down the conveyor belt and Misaki followed them closely. She saw the pasta being placed on her plate and immediately panicked. She grabbed the plate to examine the pasta but the lunch lady was not finished pouring the pasta toppings in sauce. This caused Misaki to burn her hands and burst into tears. She jerked her hands away and began flapping them in panic. The plate slipped from her hands and smashed on the ground causing Misaki's panic to worsen. Paca took a piece of chewing gum out of her mouth and said to Noboru "Your girlfriend is just as pathetically stupid and useless as you are.". Noboru sighed "Adopted sister!". Hitomi saw the panicking Misaki and believe she was choking. She immediately ran behind her new friend and prepared to attempt the Heimlich Maneuver but at the moment she began to thrust at Misaki's stomach, she was slapped by Misaki's frantically moving hands. Noboru gave a heavy sigh and pulled a foam ball from his pocket. The ball had a hole in the side and the print was a face with a tongue sticking out. Noboru held the ball in front of Misaki. Misaki immediately calmed down and started playing with the ball. During the entire incident, the lunch lady was filling up plates with a blank, emotionless face. It was as if she didn't even notice the Misaki's panic attack.

"So Misaki, can you dance?" Hitomi asked. Misaki looked up from her plate of wedges in curry sauce and swallowed her food before replying "I can but I am not the best. I mean, I can do a bit of gymnastics from my martial art classes but I haven't done them outside of the studio.". Hitomi nodded and passed a poster to Misaki. Misaki completely stopped eating and started reading the poster. "Wait a second, dance competition, me against Paca and whoever her crew is and I can make a deal by talking to Paca. Alright I will try it." she said. Misaki got up from the table and walked over the Paca's table. "Look Paca-Baka. I am going to have a professional conversation here with you. I am interested in your dance thing. If you win, you can also have me as a slave but if I win, you are not allowed to bully, injure or preform slavery on any special needs kids. If you go back on my side of the deal, I am sure I will find some dirty secret about you can I can blackmail you with." she explained. Paca gave Misaki a smirked and replied "Deal.". Misaki gave a proud look and walked back to her table. She shoved the remaining wedges in her mouth and walked to the principal's office. "Good afternoon Mister Abelone." Misaki greeted as she entered the office. The principal looked up from his computer and said "Good afternoon Misaki Conleth. What can I help you with?".

"I would like to make an announcement over the intercom."

"Intercom? Do you mean the PA?"

"Intercom. I do not wish to make an announcement over my cousin. I need recruits to go against Paca and her ways."

"Be my guest."

Misaki sat down in front of the microphone and pressed the small button. She took a deep breath and began to make her announcement. "Anyone who is willing to dance against Paca, please meet Misaki Conleth in the gym or before class. Thank you.". Misaki sighed and removed herself from the office. She went back to the cafeteria and sat with her friends.

"Let's see. We have lots of people here. Fillin Garvan, male, 18, has no special needs. Caribre Fionnan, male, 18, has no special needs. Fearghas Owen, male, 15, has asthma. I feel you. Ulick Hiroshi, male, 18, has dyslexia. Peadar Bearach, male, 16, has asthma. That's all our males, let me see our females. Takako Devin, female, 14, has ADD. Mavoureen Sora, female, 18, has asthma. Tomoko Kokoro, female, 13, has no special needs. Neve Mallaich, female, 18, has diabetes. My parents feel you girl. Our last member, Aisilinn Beibhinn, female, 17, has Treacher Collins Syndrome. Let's get the auditions rolling." Misaki explained as she sat in her chair, staring at the stage. Hitomi and Kiyoshi were beside her.

After the auditions, Misaki was back in her room. She sat on her bed and was reviewing the videos of the new members of her dance group. She was wearing her pajamas from earlier. She stared at her phone. The only thought that was in her head was Will we succeed with this team? . She looked over at the picture on her dresser and said "I hope you will be impressed that I started dancing again. My brothers, Takuya and Hideaki. My sisters-in-law, Nana and Haruka. And of course, Maria and Mathew, my parents. I hope you all rest in peace. I wonder where my nieces, Gormlaith, Mona and Miki, and my nephew, Lucas. I wonder where they are. I hope they are all well and adopted by now. Goodnight, family.".

Okay I did facts in the last chapter but this time I will do theme songs for the main characters.

Misaki Conleth: You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring

Noboru Leeson: Runnin' by Adam Lambert

Paka Hiroko: The Phoenix by Fall out Boy

Hitomi Ennis: Human by Krewella

Kiyoshi Christie: Untouchable by Tritonal & Cash Cash.

Also there will be a surprise in the next chapter. The last paragraph had a bit of foreshadowing in it. wink wink nudge nudge