Butterfly's flooded Lucy's tummy. She was so hyped at betraying her parents and meeting her new friend. She had finally closed the door silently behind her. She looked left and right through her hair as she crept down the steps.

She could see her friend. His head lights were on dim slightly down the street. Quickly on her feet, she paced down the street to him. As she got close he switched the engine on. She threw her self in the passenger side. With a quick deep breath, she smiled.

"Wow. You were right. This is exciting. " she looked at him as her hair covered half her face.

" pretty clean get away for a fifteen year old. " he shot her a cheeky grin.

"Yeah" sounding shakey.

"Show we go then? "

"Please. Just incase. " she said looking round. She could feel his smile as he drove.

They were driving around for a long silent ten minutes. She stole small, quick glances at him. She tried holding in a small cough.

"What's the matter sweetie ? You seem so Quiet than when we're on the phone and texting. " he said pulling in to a dark car park.

" yeah. You just look a lot older than eighteen" she spoke softly.

"Oh yeah. About that. "He scratched the back of his head. " your mature for your age. Aren't you sweetie ?" He said placing a hand on her shoulder. She nodded " well. I'm actually twenty-seven. " her eyes opened wide " but don't worry. Okay. It's not that bad. It's not that big of an age gape. Is it ?"

" no. I guess not. But why did you lie ?"

"I wasn't sure how you'd react. I wanted to tell you in person. But I knew you'd handle it well. Cause your mature. Aren't you ?" Pushing hair behind her ear.

Lucy went to speak again " and you want love with a man don't you ? You don't immature boys who won't care about you or not take you seriously? If that's what you want I can take you home now. Even though you promised me at least two hours " he said looking down and sad.

Lucy swallowed hard. " your right. It's only fair I give you a chance. Right ?"

"That's my girl. Now come here. " he said pulling her in to as triggering kiss.