He stalked down the alley. Every step hit the floor as if he stepped on wool. He moved with grace. He blended in with the shadows. He kept his eyes on his prey the hole time with out loosing sight. Not even once.

Down every street. Every cross road. Every boss stop. How could she not know that he was follower ing her. Surely something would give it away ?

More and more houses were in sight than shop and roads. As he kept his stride, he could see people having their dinner, watching t.v. Kids playing in they're rooms. The occasional home had no lights. Either they was asleep or not home.

He has noticed he was on her street. He waited at the top of the road and watched her walk in. He crunched his toes in excitement. He tried to control his grin. He was having no luck.

He watched as the lights in her house went on as she moved up. He saw the bed room light was on. It was his signal to go. As he stalked up to the house, he instantly made his way round the back. He grabbed a back pack that he'd left in the bushes before hand.

He broke in for the back door. He could hear her cheery music floating down the stairs. She was singing along as started getting ready for her shower.

He started slowly and quietly removing the little objects from the dining table. He placed them on the side as he turned to his bag. He pulled out the old padded restraints. He then attached them to the leg stands.

He could hear her dancing around up stairs. This made him smile. He thought it was almost a shame to what he was about to do. Almost being perfectly ready he was surprised by a knock on the door. His eyes shoot towards it. His gaze dates to the stairs as she came trotting down. He slowly stepped back watching her as she became more lever with his gaze.

Once back in the kitchen, he pushed him self as close he could to the door frame to listen to the muffled sounds.

" oh come on Sarah. Your parents aren't home for ages yet !" He had heard Jenny. Another one of his annoying class mates.

"No. I'm not risking it. They'll go nuts if I sneak out again. Plus I think they got this place being watched " she said looking around out side.

" ugh ok. Well I'll text you later ok. I'll let everyone know your being boring " Jenny said walking down the steps.

"What ever. Love you !" Sarah said slowly closing the door. She shook her head as she thought to her self 'were seventeen what is she expecting me to do ' being lost her thoughts she didn't expect what happened next. It was one big blur to her and a crack on the head.

Regaining focus she could see the kitchen light and feel cold patches on her head. She tried to lift her self up but her arms wouldn't budge. Nor would her legs. She looked to see the problem. She has been restrained.

"Ah your awake. Was starting to get worried. " she heard a deep voice.

"What the hell is going on" she spoke With a groggy voice. He giggled. She tried to focus on him "Derek ?"she recognised his clothes.

"Hi Sarah. Not so quick on the ball are we ?"

" what on earth are you doing and why am I like this ?" She was furious " is this some kind of joke for me not going out tonight?" She struggled "let me go"

"No no no no" he said shaking his finger" of only it was that simple " he removed his ratty jacket " thing is Sarah. I'm annoyed and disppointed in you "

"What?" Now confused.

"For years I've been trying to get your attention. For years I've tried making you my own. Why do you think I spent them nights with you talking late. Helping you with homework. Help sneaking you out. Telling your parents you was at mine but really you had your tongue down some jackasses throat " a knife he had hidden well from her sight he had clashed in to the table.

"Derek. What do you want ?"

"What I've always wanted. " he laughed and moved towards her.