He creep in through the back door. She didn't hear a thing as the t.v was on quite loud. He stood in the door way of t.v lumed room. He watched her all snuggled on the sofa, gigglering every now and then. He watched her every move, no matter how small. He was amazed even if it was just a blink. His obsession started to over become him. He could no longer just follow her or watch her sleep from the crack of her bedroom door. Tonight was the night he would claim her as his own. Tonight he would make her love him as well as fear him.

She took a deep sigh while checking her phone noticing it was late she decided to call it a night. She didn't notice a thing as he slipped in to the shadows. She with out effort switched off the lights as she went as she did every night. He followed her with out sound surprisingly closer than he should. He wondered why she hadn't noticed a thing. Was she really with out that much thought and care that she would give up on that slight chance that someone would break in to her home just as now.

He waited out side her bedroom as she walked in to her on suit. He could hear the shower running. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as he pictured the water running down her body, he leaned against the wall waiting for her to stop. His eyes shot open as he heard the shower stop. Stepping as close as he could to the door with out it opening on him, he watched her from her full length mirror. As she slowly tryed her self, watched as she towel dryed her hair.