She sat and watched him patiently. She didn't know what it was about him but he drew her in. How could someone she hasn't spoken to since her childhood have such an effect on her. She hadn't even to him since they started secondary school together. What was it that had been catching her eye.

The bell had rang. Everyone had gathered their things and started to leave. She followed him only a few paces behind. She watched him go down the corridor, so she went down the corridor. Her friends saw her as she went but waved them off. He took a right. She watched behind the corner. She saw him leave through a side door. She snuck behind and went to. She watched from a distance as went left towards the gates. Pacing quietly behind , she kept up. As she got out side the gate she could no longer see him

"Drat. " she whispered to her self.

Suddenly with no warning she hit the side of the wall. As she looked up with a confused look it was him. From the green of the bushes and the brown of the wall no one could see them

" what are you doing ?" He asked plainly.

"I thought that much was obvious " she blurted out

" yes I guessed as much but why ?" He grew a slight annoyance.

" I don't know. I just felt the need to follow you" he crossed his brows at her.

"Don't. " he said before walking away.

She watched him. She was slightly scared by the ambush but yet still felt the need to follow him.