What does love look like?

I've never seen it up close

It's almost like claiming to see a ghost.

We all think we've seen one

We all have our stories that we

tell late at night.

So what does love look like?

I've always heard that

some people's love is haunting.

That sometimes you think

you see someone who used to be

your everything not at

the witching hour, but at

the loneliest.

When nights are dark

and stormy

and all you have left is

the memory of someone

who used to be the warmest thing.

So what does love look like?

You know all this talk of

ghosts makes some of us


We find ourselves sleeping

with lights on

and jumping when we think

we see something more

out of the corner of our eyes.

So tell me what love looks like.

Tell me a story, so I can

breathe tonight.

Tell me about the smiles

of people who used to live here.

How he'd look into her

eyes like he's admiring

God's finest handiwork.

Tell about all the times

they get the words to songs wrong

but still dance and sing like

all they needed was each other and

a good beat.

How they would kiss each other

goodnight like their kiss was

the only thing keeping their lover


so I can feel brave enough to

turn out the lights.