"Come on, Beth, I promise I'll have the money for you. I just need a little more time." Sylvester pleaded.

"Time?! I gave you time, Sylvester. Now the school is calling. Should I tell them I can't afford to pay because my deadbeat ex-husband still owes me money?"

"But things are hard now." Pacing around the office at the limit of the phone cord, Sylvester caught sight of Toby and Scott watching him from the showroom. He pulled the blinds closed.

"Sylvester, I am not playing around any more. Either I have that check by the end of the week, and I mean in my hands, or I'm calling my lawyer."

"But Beth..." he whined.

"End. Of. The. Week." she said and hung up.

Sylvester sat down on the desk. Fuck. What am I going to do? Payday's not until next week and I'm sure they're going to short me again. Toby's been stealing all my best sales. Maybe I could ask Scott for an advance? No. He would just ask why and then he'd have to call the owners for approval and that would just lead to more questions. Borrow from Sabrina? Maybe. But she keeps saying "I'll pray for you." and next thing you know she'll be dragging me to church again. Waste an entire Sunday and miss the game.

There was a knock at the office door. "Sylvester? Are you all right?" Scott's voice called. "You shouldn't be off the floor too long."

Sylvester glared at the door, trying to will Scott to leave him alone.

Scott knocked again. "Sylvester?" he called.

"Just a minute!" he called, forcing a cheerful tone. Straightening his tie, he walked to the door and opened it.

Scott gave him a look, not quite suspicious but definitely not happy. "There are customers out here." He said in a warning tone. "What's going on, anyway?"

"Oh, it's just my ex, always wanting money." He said breezily, brushing past his manager. "Women, ya know?"

"Yeah." Scott said flatly. Skeptically. Staring at him.

Spotting a man examining a sedan, he made a beeline towards him. Wait a minute, he thought, Sabrina has that woman staying with her. What's her name? Doesn't matter. I wonder if I could borrow something from her.