Sylvester, his face still buried in Sabrina's chest, listened as the car pulled out of the driveway and drove away. As silence fell, Sabrina looked down at him concerned. "Will you be all right?" she asked. "I'm calling the ambulance." With her cane in one hand, and the other on the bed, she pushed herself up with a groan and walked out of the room. He heard her pick up the phone and start dialing. It seemed like his entire body was throbbing in pain. "Holy shit." he said softly. That seemed too mild but he couldn't think of anything else. "Holy shit." he repeated. How had she moved so fast? Nothing moved that fast! He let his head drop to the side. There was something under the bed. He squinted, trying to make his eyes focus. It was a sock. A pink sock. He smiled. A single pink sock. Giggles boiled up from his throat. Sabrina never wears pink! He screamed in hysterical laughter and tears ran down his cheeks as Sabrina shouted into the phone.