"Welcome to Las Vegas" the sign read. About time, Geneve thought. Two guys in Grand Junction, pushing the speed limit all the way through Utah and now I've got at least, she glanced at her dashboard clock, three hours to find a motel. Do I want to go to the Strip? She thought, looking at the signs passing her. Nah. I'll find someplace quiet and finish my book. Turning at the next exit she drove until she found a bar and parked outside. Only a few people were inside and they did not look up as she walked in. A waitress at the end of the bar turned as Geneve walked to the table and excused herself from whatever conversation she had been having with a well-dressed man.

"Hi there, I'm Melanie, do you know what you want or do you need a few minutes?" she asked, setting down a menu and a bowl of peanuts in front of Geneve.

"Just water right now." Geneve replied, pulling her book out of her purse.

"All right. If you want anything to eat, let me know soon. The kitchen closes in half an hour."

"Thanks." Geneve said, opening her book and starting to read.

A hand fell gently on her shoulder. "What's your name, honey?" a man asked.

"Jenny." she replied, not looking up.

"Your real name, honey."

Geneve looked up. It was the well dressed man she'd seen earlier. He walked around to the chair opposite her, letting his hand linger on her shoulder as long as possible. He brushed her neck as he passed, his hand was barely warm. Almost cool. Geneve looked over her shoulder towards the mirror behind the bar, but she was at the wrong angle.

The man tapped the table, and she looked down. A pink sequined Hello Kitty compact lay between them. She picked it up and opened it, there were two mirrors inside. She looked at the back of her chair in the reflection. Then she turned it around and looked at the reflection of the room and chair across from her. The man smiled.

She held out a hand. "Geneve." she said.

"Reg." He shook it. "Nice to meet you. Are you new in town?"