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A collection of short fantastic stories

Chapter 1: Birth of the Goddess of the Moon

Lyretta had always been quiet. She was a kind girl with good manners. Even though her mother died early she still had her loving father and together they enjoyed life. But eventually, on her seventh spring the Gods also claimed him.

By the time her father had passed, he had accumulated some money, and he left it in a trust for her. Her father's cousin took the money and agreed to raise her with it as collateral. The treatment she received was not what was expected. She was treated like a servant and never really became part of the family.

When Lyretta turned 15 instead of a celebration she received a beating from her cousin. She had forgotten to draw water for his bath the night before, and still upset he beat her until she was barely alive. No matter what though, the family had to keep up appearances, so in an effort to conceal what her cousin had done her uncle threw her into the nearby barn with the horses.

Up high on the moon existed a God. Since ancient times he had been there. From the time humans first touched land he had been there. He was a detached person of unearthly beauty who lacked for nothing. One day, bored, he looked inside of the Holy Moon Glass. The Glass was special and could show any moment on any planet. It was a Glass that had been given to him by the Supreme God, his father. Every time he was bored he looked into the glass, and every time he would ask it different questions.

The question this time was, "Who is the most benevolent women on Earth?" The screen fixated itself on Lyretta's beaten form. She lay on top of a pile of hay, her cuts still bleeding, and her old bruises becoming darker.

As the Moon god saw her, he was instantly enthralled. He had asked for the most benevolent woman, and instead the Glass showed him someone in obvious great pain. It was all completely different from what he had been expecting.

Lyretta's heart cried out in pain. She was so saddened by how her uncle had allowed her cousin to beat her, but what hurt her was not the pain from the attack. Rather what hurt her was the fact that her uncle had chosen to ignore her pain in such a cruel way. Through this last beating Lyretta realized that her uncle still did not accept her as a family member.

 It had been years since she became part of their family, but she had never truly integrated into it. As tears fell from her aching eyes she realized that she would never again have moments like those from her childhood, when her father and mother still lived. She snuggled further into the hay seeking its warmth.

The God watched her as her tears fell. He watched until her bruises healed and then he kept watching her until her eyes darkened in hopelessness as the beatings continued.

He watched her as she went to sleep every night, exhausted and in pain, and he watched as she woke with darker bruises every morning. The girl never left the house anymore, the family did not want others to see how she was treated. The rumors it could cause would be troublesome to them.

The Moon God could not believe his eyes. He had lived for a long time but indeed he had never seen such a benevolent woman. He could see that she felt a great deal of hopelessness, but at every turn she did her best to be kind to her family. If anyone asked her to do something she would. Her actions never contained any malice. It seemed she was a foolishly big-hearted woman.

The Moon God was so interested that he seemed never to put down the mirror. As a result, he was also watching on the fateful day when Lyretta's dreams of a loving family were irrevocably destroyed.