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Story 2: The Birth of The Goddess of The Earth Part 3

Pure heard their laughs and their joy, and her heart hardened and hardened until there was no mercy left for the people who had taken her only sibling, her only friend, her other halve.

She placed blameless gently on the flower field and stood slowly.

She turned to the heavenly warriors, her pure white dress fluttered in the wind, and her silver hair was rustled by the wind. Around her the Heavenly Warriors still cheered, but the only one really looking at her was the Archer, and so Pure turned to look at him.

She watched him raise his bow and aim toward her. As his finger released the bow, wind flared up around them. Pure's silver hair turned red and her dress turned the darkest purple ever seen in heaven.

Her once light gray eyes turned dark brown and seemed to be bottomless. The endless depths reflected her endless despair.

The wind grew stronger as the arrow went straight for Pure's heart. She raised her hand and the wind flurried around her, protecting her. She raised her other hand and shot lightning toward the Heavenly Warriors, toward the archer, toward all her enemies.

Killing an angel was not limited to decapitation, if she charred them to oblivion it would serve the same purpose. She looked on as one by one they fell, her heart and her eyes empty of emotion.

The warriors were so scared by her that they turned to run, but they could not get away from the lighting. One by one they continued to fall.

Pure let the wind continue circling her in hard gusts and turned to look at her brother.

Her eyes till empty she stared at his still body, and then she remembered what her parents had told her and her brother so long ago.

Her mother and father had said that when twin angels like them were born, they were completely dependent on each other for their purity. If one were to pass, then there would be an imbalance created, and great havoc could ensue.

They had been wrong, it was not that an imbalance was created, the loss of the other simply hurt too much to stay sane.

That was the real truth.

Pure wickedly smiled and turned to the warriors who still stood.

Her smile widened, and her bottomless brown eyes looked insane. She opened her blood red lips and she uttered only one word.


Then her beautiful large wings unfurled from her back. As they expanded behind her back the color of the pure white feathers changed to a combination of black, red, and gray.

She looked up at the sky. She had never freely flow in the sky before, she and Blameless had always feared that if they flew too high they might be seen.

Next, she looked back down at her brother. A single tear trickled from her bottomless eyes as she knelt down next to her brother. She gently picked him up and flew up into the vast sky. For the first time, together, they would enjoy freedom in the skies. Within seconds she was no longer visible.

Of the hundreds of warriors who went on that hunt only a small number survived.

The archer was one of the few; although, there had been no doubt he would survive, after all he was an angel of high class and a little bit of lightning would not have killed him.

The angels who heard Pure's last words had taken to calling pure by the name revenge. There was no one in heaven who did not know the name, especially after the higher angels heard about the massacre that revenge had caused.

As a result, many more were sent in order to kill her and many more were killed by her. Weeks had passed and thus far no one had come even close to laying eyes on her.

Her lightning was lethal and a far ranged weapon that did not require her to get involved with anyone. Her lightning was the perfect sword, her wind was the perfect shield, and her vengeance was the perfect incentive to destroy the angels without remorse.