Days and weeks passed and Loki didn't return. There were no notes, no visits, no contact at all. I got back to my life immediately. I kept my word to myself. I still missed him, and my world was lonely without him, but I kept my word. I went on patrols with Tony and Sarah. I kept up in all of my classwork easily because of the soulbond. I spent time with the other supers.

I never took the ring Loki had given me off, choosing to hope that one day he would return.

I searched and searched for the spellbook with the portal spell in it. But it was gone. Vanished like it had never existed in this world. I tried to pull the memories from the soulbond, to figure out how to open the portal and follow him, but it wasn't there. I was cut off.

My 18th birthday came and went. I allowed myself tears that day when Loki didn't come back for me. I had hoped that it might be the fact that I was technically a minor that kept him from bringing me with him.

I graduated from high school top of the year. Tony and I went to take my graduation pictures by our parents' graves in the cemetery. I even used magic to hold the camera so I could get some shots of the two of us.

I started college across town. I moved into an apartment off of campus in Tony's name. They wouldn't let a freshman live off campus otherwise. It had taken a lot of negotiations with the school and Superior to finally sort my college experience away. Superior wanted me to work full-time for the Protectors. I told him I would after I earned my PhD. I had wanted to be a doctor for so long when I was powerless that I didn't want to give up on the dream now. I got to test out of most of the classes because of my soulbond with Loki, so I only had a few classes and clinical hours to complete to finish my degree. I could probably do it in a year if I really wanted to. Especially since the school was willing to use my hours healing for the Protectors toward my clinical hours. It was a completely illogical plan and there were so many rules broken with it, but in the end, all three parties were happy.

I got an emergency call halfway through one of my lecture courses one day nearly a year after Loki had left. I shut my phone off and stood. I gave a small bow to the Asian professor and an apology. She nodded and the entire class turned to look at me. I had permission to leave all of my classes for emergency calls from the Protectors. I had found out quickly, though, that my disappearances were taken better if I gave them a show when I did. I vanished my bag and sent all of my things back to my apartment in and instant. I then used magic to change my clothes to my superhero costume, including the cape I never actually wore as part of it.

"Sigyn!" came the roar of the lecture class. With a bow to them, I teleported back to the compound where the Protectors lived. I actually teleported directly into the infirmary. A safe teleportation spot had been created for me last year, and it was extra important now that I lived on my own. I vanished the cape, changing back to normal clothes, and rushed to the emergency bay to find the super who needed my help. It was a brand new kid, one I'd never met before.

"He jumped off of the Metropolis building trying to get his powers," one of the junior healers told me as I rushed into the room.

"I really wish someone would put a stop to that," I replied as I went over to the kid. I placed my hands on him, my hands glowing blue as I healed the broken bones and put the poor kid back together again. My powers had grown over the last year and I could do this big of a healing now without being useless for the rest of the day. I finished the healing and smiled at the junior healer. "He'll be ok. Make sure Superior gives him hell for jumping off the Metropolis building," she nodded.

"Will do, Healer Sigyn," she replied. I was still getting used to being called that.

While I was here, I checked in on the other patients and healed a couple who needed it. After that, I went upstairs to see if Tony was home. "Kat!" he called the moment I opened his door. I let him wrap me in a hug.

"Tone, you just saw me two days ago." I had been called out on patrol with them.

"I know, but that's the only time I ever see you anymore, imp," I smiled and grabbed the other video game controller on his coffee table.

"Up for a game?" I asked. He laughed and we settled on his couch to play.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. The next Protectors movie is being filmed here next week. Didn't know if you wanted to stop by." I nodded enthusiastically.

"Of course I do!" I replied. I was friends with a couple of the actors and hadn't seen them in awhile.

"I worry about you, imp," Tony said at one point. I rolled my eyes.

"Why on Earth for? I'm one of the most powerful supers in existence, and the only time I even go on patrol it's with you," I reminded him as I proceeded to kill him in the game.

"You've isolated yourself from everyone," he told me.

"Have not," I replied stubbornly.

"Name one friend you have at school,"

"That doesn't mean anything. I'm only going to be there for a year or two. It doesn't make sense to get too attached to those kids," I replied. It didn't matter that I was younger than everyone in all of my classes. They still acted like kids.

"And when was the last time you went on a date?" he asked. I glared at him.

"Do you really want to know about my love life?" I asked him firmly.

"No, but I worry about you enough to ask."

"You know very well when my last date was," I snarled at him. It was uncalled for to be so mean, but it wasn't nice of him to bring it up either.

"That's what I thought. Kat, you can't just keep waiting around for him to come back. He's not coming back. It's been a year." Tony told me gently.

"He will. He promised." I told him firmly. I set down the controller and touched the ring Loki had given me the night he left before tracing the patterns of magic that went up my arm, marking us as soulbound. He had literally bound our souls and lives together to save my life.

"Kat..." Tony said gently. I just glared at him.

"I'm fine, Tony," I told him firmly. "I'm sorry I haven't been around as often, but I'm in college now and living on my own." He wrapped me in another hug.

"I know. Sorry, Kat. I just worry about you," I nodded.

"I know." He was my older brother. That was his job.