To the One that Got Away

I was walking home one night

Many years ago

I was cold, the moon was bright, and the roads were full of snow.

I walked about an hour

(Although it felt like four)

Then, my legs lost all their power

And I could walk no more

So I sat upon a park bench to regain all my lost strength

To pass the time, I watched people come and go

Then, I saw a man at length

Whose face I seemed to know

He looked at me, and I at him

As our gazes crossed

In my mind, memories began to swim

But then were drowned and lost

Who was this man whose image I could not place?

And what was his name?

Were the streets where I had seen his face?

Was he a player in some boyhood game?

Just for a moment I lowered my gaze

And just for that moment, I began to see

Memories, like the moon's silver rays

Came shining down on me

I dashed quickly across the street

To embrace my long-gone friend

But after my feet

Had reached their journey's end

I did not see him in the crowd

Though there were many other men

And I heaved a sigh so loud

Because I was alone again

Maybe Fortune will be kind

And we'll meet again someday

But, as of now, my whole mind

Is on the one that got away