Intense vibrations rattled her bones as she stood at the DJ station, bobbing her head along to the music. Her bright pink hair flew in beautiful patterns as she danced along to her tunes.

She moved the turntables to the sound of her heartbeat. The crowd below her roared and cheered.

She mixed the next song, choosing her all time favorite song.

Cheering in appreciation, the crowd followed the music, bobbing along to the heavy bass.

Hanging on the wall behind the girl was a massive banner with the words 'Ich Bin Kein Kaninchen' in all caps.

The crowd began to chant, "Bunny! Bunny!" with the song.

She scoffed, raising her left hand in a one finger salute.

Her audience laughed, and went back to bobbing with the music, oblivious as ever.

She liked it that way.