Jeff was excited this morning; he was going to meet his best friend from college today. He and Chris were inseparable doing those four years up in northern Michigan. They started a fraternity, join DECA, and both were on the student council. Chris ended up with Kandy, who was Jeff 's ex-girlfriend from their junior year.

After college, they drifted apart, and Jeff had not seen Chris in almost three years. He was surprised when Kandy call to say they were going to be in town and wanted to get together. Jeff had spent last night looking at old college pictures and was looking forward to you seeing Chris again after all this time.

When he arrived at the coffee shop, Chris was not there, but Kandy was there. Jeff thought right away that she looks just the same as she did in college. They hug before taking a set in the rear booth. He begins to ask Kandy how has she been when she breaks down and starts crying.

Kandy begins to tell him that Chris has been going through a hard time and that he lost his job. He had been yelling at her almost every night for the past several weeks. Jeff ask did she know when he started acting differently? Right away she said after his hiking trip.

Jeff promises that he would talk with Chris and find out more about the hiking trip. Since Chris had no idea that Kandy had met with Jeff, he was surprised by the lunchtime surprise visit from his old friend. Jeff listens to him talk and thought that he seems alright. When he asks about Kandy, Chris while body language change. He looks away from Jeff as he told him that they were having problems.

He admitted that Kandy had not been happy as of late and that he didn't understand why. What he said next surprised Jeff. Chris said it all started after their hiking trip they went on a few weeks ago. There was that hiking trip again. Kandy never mentions that she went hiking with Chris.

Before they left Jeff to ask if anyone else went with them on the hiking trip, Chris said no it was just the two of them. Then he asks where did they go hiking? The Lincoln State Park up north.

Jeff told Chris goodbye and promised that he would talk with Kandy. He sat in his car and looked up the state park on his phone; he was wondering if anything strange was going up there. The first link caught his attention, "Third Bizarre Murder In State Park," he clicks to find the article. It states that a young woman body was discovered in the park, her body had been dismembered. The local police said that after this the third murder that they could be looking for a serial killer. He read the rest of the article and wonder what these crimes had to do with his friends.

He decided to find out more about the first two murders, and he went to the library for that. He found the Gazette from Buchanan, the small town where the state park was located. There it was nearly a month ago a jogger went missing in the park for two days until his body was found in pieces. It was first thought that he was the victim of a bear attack. Until the second murder happen.

Rollin worked for the park and was cleaning the trail and putting up signs allow the bike trail when he too went missing. The park rangers search for him but couldn't find him, but they did see a pile of flyers he had been hanging. The next day they saw what was left of him, and his cellphone was next to his remains. The article goes on to say the police could not get his password to access his phone. This article was wrote a few weeks ago, and Jeff wonders if they had gain access. He called the police and left a message for the lead defective saying he was a reporter. That was the best he could do, but now he was left with the same question what did any of that have to do with his friends?

He texts Kandy about meeting the next day for lunch, but she insisted they meet for dinner instead tomorrow night. He agreed.

On next evening Jeff went to meet Kandy. They met at an outdoor restaurant, which was her idea. He held out her chair so she could sit. They ask the waiter to give them a moment.

"So Jeff how was your day?" Just like that Kandy had started the conversation, and seem to be in a good mood laughing and smiling. This was nothing like the person Jeff had met the day before. Her behavior caught him off guard, and she didn't mention Chris 's name one time.

"Kandy it's good seeing you this way happy, but I thought we were meeting to talk about Chris?"

"Why did you think that? He and I are just fine. There you go joking all the time just like in college."

She continues talking and joking, ignoring Jeff's question. He wonders what was going on? Yesterday she was almost in tears, and today she is a brand new person. He thought back about the state park murders, could she be involved? No, he dismisses that thought almost right away. No something else was going on here.

Jeff interrupted Kandy and ask her about the hiking trip that Chris took? Before she could answer, Chris arrives and pull up a chair next to her. He kissed Kandy on the cheek before sitting next to her.

Now it was Chris 's turn to talk being extremely happy and being loving toward Kandy. Jeff felt as if yesterday's meeting was just a dream. Both of his friends looked and sounded very happy. The waiter came and sat drinks down in front of the three of them. Jeff started to protest because no one had ordered drinks, but Chris said he had ordered their drinks when he arrived.

"I want to propose a toast to my wife and our best friend that introduce us all those years ago."

As the three drink their drinks, Jeff did not know what to think. He was starting to question his sanity, just yesterday two of his oldest friends were both sad and bitter at each other. Now they look like two people very much in love. Somehow yesterday had to be a dream he thought as his world starting spinning before there was darkness all around him.

He could hear voices talking, but could not make out the words. He recognizes the sounds to be Chris and Kandy, and it felt like he was inside of a car. He heard the following words but in no order that he could tell, "master, immortality, ceremony, full moon, three, burial ground, passage." Then he lost consciousness again.

Jeff woke up with his phone was ringing in his pocket, but he could not reach it with his hands tied up. He looked up at the full moon in the sky as he sat up, then in front of him was both of his friends naked dancing around a campfire singing. They both had symbols that look like tattoos on their bodies. He cleared his throat and called out to them, but they both continue with the ceremony ignoring his pleas.

Once the ceremony was over, Chris picks Jeff up and drops him on the trail. That's when Jeff notice that Chris's face was covered in paint like he was wearing a mask. The language that Chris spoke was something that Jeff had never heard in his life and made him turn away to look for help from Kandy. That's when he saw her face had a paint over it too, and now she was speaking the same language as Chris. Jeff could feel his cell phone ringing in his pocket again as he screams for help. All of a sudden his screams stop as his limp body collapse to the ground.

A voicemail was being left on his cellphone as his life drain away. "This is detective Franks from the state police, and to answer your question, we have images from the victim's phone that show two individuals a man and female attacking him. From the audio, we can make out a ceremony that requires human sacrifices to grant them immortality. Please call back if you have any information to add to this investigation."