"Who is this boy?" George snapped in anger, entering the backseat after overcoming the initial shock of seeing how much street fashion had changed. "Tell me you're not involved with him!"

"Actually, Dad, I am." Lisa replied frankly as she seated herself beside Michael and avoided eye contact. "And it shouldn't concern you."

"Shouldn't concern me?! I'm your father and I-"

"Michael, the coast is clear. We can leave now."

"You're not going to tell me what's going on?!"

"I will. Once we're in a public place."

George cursed aloud at his daughter's apparent insolence before accusing Michael of being a bad influence, the latter whom struggled not to lash back.

"It's you, isn't it, young man? You know that you're only encouraging her by staying quiet..."

"Now that I look at you, I know we've definitely met before. What was your name again?" George finally composed himself enough to ask while Lisa ordered an extra drink for herself.

"Michael Russo. I'm a payroll-"

"Italian, are you?"

"No, I'm...well only half. I've always been closer to my Mom's side."


"Funny you should think that, boy. We used to go after your kind when I was younger and there was this one kid who looked quite like you. He was a real stubborn one, resisting us all the way through..."

"Shut your mouth."


"I said, shut your mouth."

Michael slammed his glass down on the table and made Lisa flinch before the waiter approached once again in concern.

The sound of an outsider's voice was enough to make him realize the outcome of his anger. He excused himself and left the table to figure out why it hurt so much to hear his father being insulted, though Lisa's presence cut the attempt short.

"If you're leaving, then I am too. Don't think that I can stand him either."

George passed out from intoxication later that night and woke up to find himself bound to a chair in a basement while two masked figures loomed over him.

The pig faced woman removed her disguise to reveal herself as Lisa before producing a large scalpel and grinning excitedly.

"Why the sad face, Dad? We're together again, aren't we?"

"No, not like this!"

"Remember when I was five and how you used to tickle me whenever I was upset? Well, now it's your turn..."

She nodded to her horse headed companion and he pressed the play button on his stereo.

"Ladies and gentleman, the Red Hot Chili Peppers..." The young man announced before taking off his mask too and breaking into a dance number while Lisa viciously attacking George's face with her surgical instrument.

Lisa returned home with the results of her first year medical exam and in a good mood, settled down to finish some leftovers from the fridge.

She allowed herself a smile while eating at the fact that six years of turmoil seemed to have finally come to an end, now that she was in a stable home and had her life back on track.

The sound of Michael playing the guitar and singing in the bedroom only made her realize how much she enjoyed hearing his voice, regardless of occasional cracks and imperfections.