I wake up to a car pulling up in the driveway and the dogs barking madly. I moan as the loud noises abd even the smallest are multiplied by thousands. Curse theses ears... crap, the inspection. And I need to hide these ears and tail. "I'm coming" I yell and accidentally howl a little to. Really?! I pull a pair of pants on and bunch up my tail and stick it in. "Ow". I then pull a cap over my head, trying to droop my ears enough for the cap to fit. "I'm here" I say, running out the door and over to the fence, doing so extremely fast. "I'm here to...". "Yeah, come on in". I hold on to the dogs and open up the pool gate. What's up with your teeth?" He asks, sounding a bit suprised?" "What?" I say, pulling out my phone and checking out my teeth. I see four canine teeth. (These being the two big ones out the front on the top and the bottom). Come on, I didn't even relise this! "Umm, well, I need to go to the dentist to get them check". "Ok. How long have you uad this fence up?" "Five years" I answer, tugging on my tail. "And has it had any damage since then?" "No sir". He goes about looking at things that are a bit strange, like I didn't think he'd inspect the grass. "Well, all looks in order. I'll be off". "Thank you". He walks back to the gate, opens it, hops in his car and drives away. "Really?! U didn't even relise the teeth!" I yell at the device in my pocket.

These wolf senses are driving me crazy. I can see everything (which is incredible seeing as I had to wear glasses), smell everything, and hear everything. Taste isn't bad though because the way something smells affects how something tastes. So that means something like a muffin tastes great. Another upside is that I can run extremely fast. I don't know what to do now, I'm really bored and I just can't figure out how to undo this. I've tried everything I can think of. To be honest, I don't even know how this happened in the first place. I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't undo it in time for school. I don't think I'd be able to wear a hat all day and hiding my speed in P.E. will be difficult along with keeping my tale tucked away. And it's painful to keep it bunched up all day. That's what I'll do, I'll get my old pant and cut hols for my tail. Lets get started.

Ugh, come on. I'll need to cut the holes a bit bigger so my tail fits through it. It's certainly been interesting trying to neaten uo the holes and then cutting it off to make it bigger. Still, better than stuffing it up. How long have I been doing this? Holy cow, three hours?! It's seven o'clock. I've been doing this since four. I'm going to eat and go to bed. Lets see, mmmm, curry. I'm going to start cooking.

Mmmm, soooo good. I absolutely love curry. But I'm done so I'm going to bed. Goodnight everyone.