Chapter 5

The golfers returned to the clubhouse. Some took a shower while others waited for the dinner and awards ceremony to begin.

Mike and Linda decided to skip the dinner and return to the Tavern because of thin staffing but Terri said she'd stay, which surprised Vance.

"I had fun," Terri confessed as she and Vance sat on a bench overlooking the lake.

"This is the way it used to be with us before you went off the deep end," Vance said.

"Me?" Terri asked with confused surprise. "I'm not the one who got all whacked out."

"Sure you were," Vance replied calmly. "As soon as the hormones kicked in around Sophomore year you started worrying about all the stupid stuff instead of enjoying all the stuff we used to do."

"Kid stuff you mean?" She asked sarcastically.

"I thought we had fun together," Vance said with a shrug. "I didn't change that much - you just saw me differently. All the Choirboy stuff all of a sudden when you used to be a part of all that."

She didn't say anything for a moment and Vance waited for her to get pissed off, defensive, and sarcastic like she did when their friendship fell apart.

"You're right," Terri said after a moment of reflection.

"Wow," Vance said with surprise. "I never thought you'd own up to that!"

"I was acting out," Terri admitted. "Let's face it - I had a nice childhood and upbringing. I came from a well-to-do family. I lived in a nice house. We had a membership to the country club."

"Well, you were never a snob about it," Vance remarked.

"I starting going out with Rosco Hardy and suddenly I decided I wanted to be someone else, that I knew it all, and that everything that was near and dear to me didn't matter anymore. I was stupid and I'm sorry for how I treated you."

"You went to Syracuse to become a bartender?" Vance asked.

"I went to study Art Education," she said with a sigh. "But I also partied and rebelled and wasted a lot of chances and when I couldn't make a living doing my art, I ended up at the Tavern."

"St. Anne's is always looking for part time Art teachers," Vance said.

She looked at him incredulously. "You really think I'd go back?"

"Why would you deny yourself something that made you happy?" Vance shrugged. "You always had a sketch book in your hand growing up."

"Golf made me happy too," Terri said with a sigh. "It's the most time I spent with my father. I miss that."

"Life is like golf," Vance said. "Life takes a course we didn't necessary expect. We might end up in the water, bunker, or in the woods, but we still take the next swing and shot."

"You're a golf philosopher now?" She teased with a smirk.

"Golf humbles us but it helps us refocus too," Vance continued. "We want to get better and do better. We forget about the bad shots and we remember the good ones. And we keep on playing with courage and confidence, unafraid to lose, facing our fears, and not giving up."

"Do you think I gave up?" She asked suspiciously.

"Are you happy?" Vance asked. "A missing boyfriend. Bartending."

"Are you happy?" Terri wanted to know.

"I'm contented," Vance answered. "Playing through."

"Shooting Par?"

"More or less," he said.

"Are you with anybody?"

"No," Vance revealed. "I'll only have sex with someone I want to marry her so my relationships don't tend to last long."

"You had sex with me," She reminded him.

"I would have married you," Vance said.

Terri almost fell off the bench. She didn't know how to respond.

"Come on, it's time for dinner," Vance said, standing and reaching his arm out to take her hand.

Vance and Terri sat with Sally, her husband and some of the other St. Anne's volunteer crew. Vance made it a point to talk about the school and Terri somewhat reluctantly talked about her two years as an "Annie". Vance built up Terri's art credentials in response. The dinner was enjoyable and the awards ceremony fun.

"You're going to have to drive me home," Terri said when they were done with the last of the clean up after the dinner was completed.

"Sure," Vance agreed as they stepped out of the clubhouse.

It was dark and just about everybody was gone.

"Do you want to take a walk first?" He asked.

"On the golf course, you mean?"

"I like the smell of the grass," Vance smiled, taking her hand in his.

"I do too," Terri said quietly as they walked across the course in the dark.

"Do you know why?" he asked.

"Because of that night," she nearly whispered.

"I've never forgotten."

Terri peered at him as they walked with just a few stars as their guide. "Are you telling me I'm the only one you've ever had sex with?"

"You're the only one I wanted to marry," he told her.

"That was the best sex I've ever had," Terri informed him.

"I know." Vance said it with such confidence and fact that Terri was stunned.

"You haven't been waiting for me," she said with worry.

"Not purposely and not expectedly but when I saw you walk into the place, I took it as a sign that I was waiting for something."

"Are we just supposed to pretend that we're fifteen again?" Terri frowned. "That I never treated you badly? That we haven't seen each other since we had sex on the Davenport's lawn and now we're just supposed to pick up where we left off?"

"The Davenport's lawn is too far away," Vance said as he gently tackled her onto the softness of the 8th hole green.

"This is the give-me hole," Terri realized as Vance maneuvered himself half on top of her.

"Give me," he said seductively as he gave her a kiss.

"For a choirboy, you sure are sexually astute."

"When I know what I want," Vance agreed.

"You want me?"

"Always have."

"Why didn't I ever appreciate that?"

"Because you labeled me a Choirboy and never looked back, even when I left grass stains on your ass."

He caressed her thigh while they made out on the 8th green His hands eventually moved up underneath her pink tavern golf shirt and he removed her bra so be able to feel her breasts.

Vance eventually unfastened Terri's khaki shorts and he touched her stomach and worked his hand down inside her underwear.

"Jesus, Vance," Terri mumbled into his mouth as he pulled on her shorts and panties, rubbing his finger along her opening.

"Why were you two running naked through the neighborhood that night?" He wanted to know.

"We were drunk," Terri purred. "Throwing caution into the wind before leaving for college."

"Whatever happened to Alex?"

"She's married with a couple of kids."

"Don't tell her husband I saw her naked," he said as they continued to make out.

"I didn't even tell her you saw her naked!" Terri said.

She moaned loudly as Vance continued to finger her.

"Fuck me like you did that night," Terri begged.

"But then I'd have to marry you."

"Okay," she agreed.

He lifted his face off of hers and stared into her eyes.

"Not tomorrow," she breathed. "But okay."

"You'll apply for the art job?"

"Can I continue working at the Tavern too?" She requested. "I really like Mike and Linda. They've been good to me."

"What about Jimmy?"

"Jimmy?" She asked, kissing him again.

He pulled off her pink tee shirt and he kissed her breasts while still fingering her and she felt herself tense as an orgasm built.

"Just fuck me, Vance."

He pulled down his pants and underwear but he kept his pink shirt on and he slipped himself inside her wetness with ease.

"Give me grass stains," Terri said. "Let's smell the grass."

He fucked her until her ass was stained with green and she screamed out in ecstasy under the stars and when it was over he collapsed on top of her and they lay on the easy hole trying to catch their breaths.

"My choirboy," Terri purred happily.