Genetic Genesis: My So💔l Purpose: Journal Entry 1, day 1, Year 1, Genesis Island, 169X

My name is Anna, my brother's name is Cian, and my sister's name is Lily. We all live with our adoptive parents Steven and Amanda, and our adoptive brother Bill. You see we're not like most families... no, we're very different. You see I'm not exactly human. I mean, I am I'm kind of, but I'm also part cat, my sister is Part wolf, and my brother's part bird. Don't ask me how, I have no idea.

My sole purpose in life is to be accepted, most of the people her treat me inferior, like I'm some kind of animal, I know I technically am but I know that I'm more than just a cat. I'm a person. I'll be documenting my experiences. I got this journal for my 12th birthday, I want to show future generations what my unique life was like.