Genetic Genesis: My So💔l Purpose: Journal Entry 4, day 4, Year 1, Genesis Island, 169X

I'm becoming very nervous about Lily, she's been acting very strange. the other
day at church the priest was giving a sermon about how animals don't have souls and
won't go to heaven because god created humans above animals, all while staring directly at us.

I tried telling Lily that it doesn't effect us, as I know we aren't just animals
despite our exterior appearance. She didn't believe me. "No! You heard what he said.
Animals don't have souls. We're soulless. When we die that's it! Dark emptiness.
Nothing!" Lily yelled to me.

So I walked up to our priest and asked "You weren't talking about us were you? Lily thinks
you were calling us soulless. I just want to make sure you clear up that you don't mean us to
the people of the village, because I know I must have a soul, and I will never believe otherwise."
"Listen. If it were up to me you wouldn't even be alive right now." he responded "The only reason you
are is because your "father" guilted me into letting you live. You've already been given more than
you deserve, and you want an afterlife? I'm sorry but no. You will die and no one will
remember you. When you die we'll erase any evidence of your existence so no one gets
the idea to create a crime against nature such as yourself again. That's what
you'll get when you die, not heaven."

I didn't tell what he said to Lily. I don't want her to be in a worse state than she already is.