Something wasn't right about it. The hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention. I came to a stop about 100 feet in front of the scene. I squinted through the contrast of the pitch-black night and the blinding headlights pointed right at my windshield, bodies. Two of them, one male, another looked to be female, though I couldn't be sure at this distance. They were both outside of their cars, lying prone on the ground, unmoving.

I took one deep breath and slowly began inching my car forward. The cars looked like they had ricocheted off each other rather hard as they were both on opposite sides of the road, but neither body appeared to have been tossed from the car. Did they both crawl out of the wreckage and collapse on the street? My eyes were darting between the bodies, the cars, and the tall swaying grass that seemed to be encapsulating me with every passing inch. There appeared to be a small pathway through the crash that I could tenderly navigate. If I can stop on the other side, I'll help.

I gingerly hit the gas, cutting the wheel, carving my tires around the facedown body of, what I can now confirm, was a woman. She looked about mid-thirties, dressed in kind of raggedy old clothes. Though I couldn't tell if they were torn from use, or the accident. She wasn't moving, seemingly completely unaware of the car finessing its way just by her head. The man was a different story, he appeared to have blood all over his face, a weird concoction of what looked like blood and dirt from the road blotted all over his head. He was sat up against the closed door of his car, head limp. I heard a crack and quickly snapped my head forward. I was halfway through the calamity. I could see the finish line. Another crack followed by rapid popping. It was just glass.

Once I was able to straighten up, I hit the gas. There was something oddly comforting about seeing a normal road ahead of me, but I had made a promise to myself. If I can stop on the other side, I'll help.

I psyched myself up, unbuckled and took another gulp of air. I checked my rearview with my hand on the door.

The bodies had moved. They were staring at me on their knees. Head still limp, as though they were curious or squinting. More movement from the grass. Twenty or so bodies piled out from the grass all staring at my car, the same 'head cocked to the side' stare. I'd never felt the floor beneath my pedal before this moment. I stopped looking back and focused on what my headlights shown me ahead.