"Be mindful of Rex! Just because he's part of the family doesn't mean he can't be dangerous (sometimes). - Management"

Jen will never understand why Mr. Mack decided an "office tiger" would be the morale booster that Venture Enterprises needed, but once Mack had his mind set on something it would take more than a few office maulings to stop him from getting it. Jen didn't feel overly endangered, her office had four proper walls and a door at least. She felt worse for the employees that were stuck in cubicles. The ones that flinched every time an errant tail would float by the opening in their "office." Not to mention the bedlam that would ensue whenever the damn thing roared.

When she was comfortably in her office chair behind a (futilely) locked door, she exhaled deeply and took to the folders that had populated her "in" box. Jen hadn't even read through two paragraphs in her first report before her phone buzzed. It was Mr. Mack, she swallowed forcing her heart out of her throat and back into her chest.

"Yes Mr. Mack?"

"Hey Jen, do you think you could feed Rex today? Meat's in the kitchen. Instructions on the fridge. Thanks." The line went dead.

An expletive escaped her breath as she sucked in her gut and rose to her feet. I bet Mack has never once fed that thing since it got here, Jen thought to herself as she cautiously stormed through the funhouse of cubicles that littered the office. She hated that the thing was just short enough to be completely concealed by the walls of the worker's cubbies. It felt as though she was walking through a field infested with landmines. One big, furry landmine. The sound of papers rustling slashed through the silence, causing Jen's heart to erupt into a beating fit.

"Jen!" a voice yelled from where the papers had been disturbed.

Oh no, she thought.

"Hey, Jen what's up!" It was Matt. She would've preferred the tiger. She took a deep breath coming to terms with the fact that this situation was going to happen regardless of what she did.

"Hi Matt, I can't really talk, I have to feed Rex today."

"Oof, that stinks, Bill had to do that yesterday, 17 stitches is what I heard."
"Great, thanks for the uplifting message," she said, and spun around to leave him there, mouth agape.

"I'm sure you'll be fine, Jen!" He yelled from behind her, trying to save face.

Find Rex, throw the steak to him.


The instructions were useless Jen thought. She opened the massive refrigerator door, cellophane-wrapped steaks filled the box to the brim. Mack had bought in bulk, overinvested as always. She yanked a steak out and cut it out of its wrapping, the last thing she wanted was to meet the tiger and awkwardly rush to unwrap the steak before it decided she would make a better snack. The meat had a thick, white vein of fat running through its center, she hoped Rex wouldn't be picky about the slab she'd chosen.

Finding Rex in the office would prove to be the second most difficult task. Mack gave that animal more freedom than any of his workers. The office wasn't small either, she figured she'd begin her hunt in the back of the office and work her way to the front, (closer to her office). She extended her steak-bearing arm far away from her body, hoping the stench would draw beast out. A couple employees were rising from their chairs, not to help, just to watch. Rex's mealtimes were always a show. Jen began making a sharp whispering sound with her lips, she never had a cat before and had no idea how to summon one. The first section of the office was cat-less.

She moved onto the next section, maintaining her whisper noise until she was met with a low rumbling growl. "R-r-rex?" she asked, hoping it would like the sound of its own name. A paw emerged from behind an office partition, four-inch claws extended. "You want some steak b-b-b-boy?" she stuttered. He answered with a crescendo'ed growl, revealing the rest of his muscular body from behind the partition. He had a lazy eye that split his focus between her and the carpet. They stared at each other for the longest five seconds in Jen's career. Then Rex yawned causing Jen to flinch. Her hand flung the slab of meat into the monster's maw, as she swung around and fled the scene. Rex caught the meat and plopped onto the floor nursing his meal. Jen slammed herself behind her office door, heaving, and immediately began pulling up job listings on her phone.