Addicted to Every Habit

She's a little addict,
addicted to every habit.
Heroin brings her to her knees and
fucking just brings on a new disease.

With needles sticking from her skin,
she'll keep doing it again and again.
Her nose is powdered white,
her wrists have been stained red.
She'll end up unconscious on the floor again.

Sobriety kicks her ass,
cocaine brings up her past.
Rehab makes her head spin,
but meth makes her feel whole again.

Loneliness is her only weakness.
She's just waiting for the heroin to end all this.
If death is the only release,
she'd inhale every drug just to breathe.

Prescription pills never made her feel like this.
At least not the ones that didn't put her life at risk.

She looks around and all she sees,
is her life rotting with disease.
These crack houses keep her warm,
by leaving more needle marks in her arm.

And jail cells never seem as sweet,
as when she's desperate for release.
So she ties the last knot in her noose.
Her eyes are dry,
for she has nothing left to lose.

Sobriety has always kicked her ass,
and cocaine always brought up her past.
Rehab just made her head spin,
But meth…
Meth always made her feel whole again.

~Helen Alexandria