Inside a public tram that was moving through the capital city of Yad Dili Lidi, Splero Kerano was just commuting on his way to the public library. The lone 19 year old man was just working part-time as a librarian assistant and his payroll of 150 dollars per week was more than enough to support himself. From Monday to Friday, he organizes every book of the public library on every bookshelf as well in doing menial tasks given by his superiors and stamping on every book that was frequently borrowed by countless of clients that were visiting the place every day.

Even though his good performance at his part-time job kept his relations with his boss, coworkers and even the library's security high, Splero was such a lonely guy. He was the only surviving member of the Kerano family since his parents and siblings were all dead for unknown reasons. When his superiors asked of how they died out one by one, he would simply explained that they died out because of time. Many would call him crazy for such words but they soon understand the meaning of it as the days goes by.

From that point on, nothing else was happening for Splero but there was a mystery that was about to show up.


At about 11:05 AM, Splero finally arrived at the public library. As the tram stopped, he exits out and walked towards the entrance. Upon entering, he could see a security guard standing idly with a disappointed look on his face.

'Good day, Larry.'

'Hey there, Splero. Good thing you finally arrived here.'


Larry sighed.

'There something hectic going earlier in the library. Good thing you missed it.'

'Missed it? What do you mean?'

Larry didn't reply.



'Is something the matter? You looked tense and all.'

'N-No, Splero. I'm all fine.'

Splero then gave him a slight pout. Larry gave out and he sighed.

'Alright then. There was a crazy old man who had just knocked a few bookshelves over. A lot of books were scattered on the very floor.'

'What?! Seriously?'


The librarian assistant groaned.

'What a hellish predicament today!'

'It is, man.'

'Oh, the hell with it. I'll go see the boss first, man. I will then start on organizing back the books and bookshelves into place after that.'

Larry nodded.

'Alright. Be careful out there. OK?'

'I will. I will.'

Splero then went inside and he saw a large pile of books that was scattered on the floor as well a few wooden bookshelves toppled over. The horrible sightings make him slightly frustrated.

'Ugh. That fucking elder!'

He then could hear someone calling him from the second floor.

'Hey, Splero! Up here!'


He looked up and saw his coworker Daniel Lewis waving at him.

'Over here!'

'Hey there, Lewis! What is it?'

'Mr. John wanted to see you at his office ASAP, man.'

'Alright. I'm coming!'

Splero then took the stairs and when he was at the second floor, he zoomed towards the office of his boss.


Inside the office of his superior, Mr. John was both talking to Splero and Lewis about what happened.

'Sorry about the rush for me to see you guys but I'm afraid that crazy old man totally made a big mess on the ground floor. I guess we're going to clean the messes up then.'

'I guess so, Mr. John.'

'Yeah. Me either.'


John sighed.

'Sir, is the crazy old man was finally apprehended by our security?'

'Of course, Splero. Larry and his men had already arrested and expelled that rotten man outta here.'

'That's great to hear that, Sir.'

'It sure was. Anyway, just get the work done already for now. Once both of you were done in arranging those books and shelves in order, I'll give you both a good cash bonus on your very paychecks later.'

'We'll do it at once, Mr. John.'

'Thanks, guys.'

Both Splero and Lewis left the office while John sat down on sighed. The two librarian assistants went down the stairs towards to the pile of books and toppled bookshelves that was on the ground floor.

'What do you think about that massive act of vandalism, man?'

'I dunno, Lewis. I wish I could punch that old man out in the face for doing this vandalism inside this public library.'

'Don't worry about that and calm down, Splero. What's important was to arrange the bookshelves on their original places and organize every book that was on the floor.'

'Sounds like a tough challenge there but I'll take it then since this is for the extra money at least.'

'Hell yeah!'

Lewis chuckled as Splero rolled his very sleeves of his black shirt he was wearing.

'Alright, dude. I'm ready for this. What should we cope with first?'

'We should align those bookshelves first. We'll handle the books later.'


Lending their helping hands with each other, both Splero and his fellow coworker arranged the large toppled bookshelves back on again. Each of them weighs more than a bundle of 75mm artillery shells and they took a painful lot of time in getting the large bookshelves back on their original places. After standing up the fourth wooden bookshelf, the duo was about to raise the last wooden bookshelf.

'Come on, Splero. This would be the very last one.'

'I know, Lewis. I can't believe that man toppled a few heavy duty wooden bookshelves like a stack of dominoes.'

'Neither do I too, man.'

With the fifth bookshelf standing up, both Splero and Lewis sighed in relief as they stretched their aching limbs out. They then looked at the books that were scattered around them.

'What should we do about these books? We have to arrange them all in an strict alphabetical order, man.'

Splero groaned.

'What a hellish predicament today indeed, Lewis.'

Lewis simply shrugged in reply to his remark.

'What can I say about that?'

'Nothing. Let's get this over with.'

'Right on, Splero.'

The two started to organize the books.