While Splero kept himself still, the furry doctors carefully removed the old bandages that were wrapped on his wounded foot. When the young human saw his bloodied wound that he sustained, he let out a tense sigh.

'What does it look like?'

'Looks like a laceration to me.'

'You do?'


'I guess we should suture some of the openings up to prevent infection and gangrene.'

Splero swallowed a nervous gulp onto his throat.

'Oh. O-Okay then.'

The lion dressed in medical uniform prepared a fishhook-like suture needle, a pair of forceps and some surgical sutures while his tiger companion helped him by carefully dousing medical alcohol on his paws and onto Splero's wound. The stinging pain makes Splero yelp but he tried to hold back the pain that invaded the wound that was on his foot.

'Are you okay?'


'You seem to yelp when I poured some alcohol in your wound. Would you like to have some anesthetics or painkillers to ease the pain down before we continue on?'

'N-Nah. Go on, please. I'll take the pain.'

'Are you sure?'

Splero nodded.

'Alright. Here we go then.'

The lion then started to open the bleeding tissue of the wound with the forceps that he was holding. The sensation of metallic forceps entering on his wound wanted Splero to cry in pain but just like before, he tried to take the pain in earnest. The tiger then started to prepare some sutures onto the suture needle.

'We're going to close some sliced tissue back up, Splero. This might be painful but this would not take long.'


The tiger then handed the needle to the lion. The maned feline started to sew onto the bleeding flesh as Splero tried to hold back the pain that he was suspecting on.


In the tavern, Alex was still chatting with Delorion, Rokusena, Acher and Renar. A telephone then rang and the ferret took the call.


'Hello, Alex.'

'Who is this?'

'This is Rei Claws speaking.'

'Oh. Hey there, Rei.'

'Is Delorion and Rokusena in there?'

'Yep. Both Acher and Renar were in here as well. Why?'

'I just wanted to talk with Acher for a bit, man.'

'Sure thing.'

Alex then handed the telephone to Acher.

'Acher, phone call.'

'For me?'

'Yeah. It's Rei.'

'Okay. Thanks, man.'

The timber wolf took the call.

'Hey, Rei. What's up?'

'Acher, I just received word from the local hospital that Splero's recovery was doing well. Since his wounds were now being tended on earlier, they say that our VIP would be discharged in a few days.'

'I see. That's good. With that, we could now start to debrief him.'

'Indeed. I already told the King as well and he too was relieved.'


'Anyway. I'm going off now. I'll talk to you and to the others later.'

'Sure. See ya later then, Hyena Rei.'

'Oh. Come on, Acher. Not with that nickname again.'

As Acher chuckled, the phone call ended. He then gave the telephone back to Alex and the timber wolf looked at the two foxes.



'I think our VIP's recovering well now.'

'That's good to hear.'

Rokusena nodded with a small smile.

'Yeah. Me too.'

'Right then.'

He then looked at his brother Renar.



'We're going to the hospital again after this.'



'Alright, Brother.'

The German Shepard that was in a drunken coma from earlier finally woke up on the floor.

'Ugh. W-Where am I?'


Splero could only just gaze on the white walls and the other patients that were lying beside his left and right flanks. He then tried to move his newly bandaged foot. His foot slightly moved but he immediately stopped it when a dull pain started to emerge on his senses.


He then looked at his other foot and tried to move it. Even though his uninjured foot felt a bit numb, Splero could still move his foot freely. He stopped moving his other foot as he raises his head and saw Acher and Renar.

'Hello there again, Splero.'

'H-Hey there, guys.'

'What's up?'

Acher saw the newly wrapped bandages on Splero's injured foot.

'I guess Rei really told me the truth there.'

Splero sighed.

'I been holding back the pain when my wounds were being sutured back not so long ago, man. I didn't received any anesthetics prior to the minor surgery.'

'You haven't received any of those?'

'Why, dude?'

'Well. I just wanted to experience the pain a bit longer so that I could now handle the pain in further.'

'I see.'

'Practicing how to handle pain for ever longer, eh? I never heard about that before.'

Slightly amused, Acher slapped Renar by the nape with his own paw.


'Ow! What was that for, Brother?'

Splero hushes the two timber wolves.

'Hush your voices down, guys. There were someone sleeping in here.'

Renar slightly lowered his head in shame.

'Oh. Sorry about that.'

Acher tapped Splero's shoulder.

'You're going to be discharged in the next few days, Splero. According to the medical report of Rei earlier, you seem to be recovering soundly.'

'I was. In fact, this was just lacerated foot that I got. Nothing too serious.'

Renar raises his paw.

'Except when it was infected and causes a gangrene.'

Acher nudges Renar.



'Don't say that. You're scaring him.'

Splero sighed.

'No, Acher. He's right. Things would get far more worse if I have this wounds infected.'

'Well. No need to worry about that, dude. You're now in prime care.'


Acher then scratches the back of his ears.

'Anyway, you will be taken and checked in to one of our recommended taverns once you recovered in this local hospital. Remember what the hyena said from earlier?'

Splero nodded.

'Yeah. I actually accept his offer to me of joining in an adventure to protect the Kingdom from an said uprising.'

'Indeed. The Kingdom had just recently thrown into the early days of the bloody rebellion and we're in desperate need to protect our motherland at any cost.'

'I know. Looks like I'm going to abandon my human world in order to save this furry world.'

'No, Splero. You can still return back to your original world.'

Splero perked up.






'Yeah. Soon. Very soon.'

'A-Alright then.'

Acher then patted on Splero's shoulder with a simple smile on his face. Renar just places his both paws on his hips in nervousness.