Set in the land of Or (which is about the size of the U.S.), this country contains seven kingdoms or city-states. Including: Victory, Conquer, Liberty, Providence, Faith, Justice, Parish. The largest of these is Victory, Conquer and Liberty. The smallest is Parish. The land is very beautiful and the weather conditions are very nice. This land includes many, many animal species, from tropical to desert, every kind of animal imaginable lives here.

There is also another place mentioned in this story called the Eagle Islands. This is an island (about the size of Texas) with three "separate" islands that are connected. All three islands function separately as individual countries. The time in Or is the 21st century, with technology and clothing up-to-date with modern day.

I hope this will give you a better understanding as you continue reading Destiny: The Series. You are about to enter a new world of imagination…

Enjoy the read!

. . .


Dark, penetrating eyes moved fearfully about, watching the cars drive by and the people walk down the sidewalks. He peered his head out from behind a car.

"Hello?" a young woman with curly, blonde hair emerged, coming over to the little boy.

He flinched in surprise, obviously afraid.

"No, no,…" she paused, putting her hand out kindly to assure him. "it's okay." she smiled sweetly.

His hair was dark red and a curly, but short.

"What's your name?" the woman asked, squatting down to his level.

He had no response, his eyes held only fear.

"Come on, let's see if we can find your parents." she smiled, taking his hand.

He pulled his hand away swiftly, shaking his head.


"Well,… why not?" she asked confusedly, turning back to him.

He did not answer, he simply stared, afraid and in shock. His face was smudged with dirt; his clothes were dirty and worn. He seemed to be alone,… completely.

"Please,… I want to help you." the woman told him sincerely. "Are you hungry?"

He nodded quickly.

"Come here." she smiled, picking him up gently.

She walked inside of a restaurant, ordering food and going out to a small red car that was tattered. She put him in the backseat, driving away while he ate. She drove to a police station, bringing the boy inside with her.

"Is there something I can help you with, ma'am?" the officer asked politely at the front desk.

"Yes,…" she paused, looking over at the boy she held. "I found him in the parking lot at the store. I wondered where his parents were. I was hoping you could find them." she explained.

"Well,… no one's reported a missing child." he paused. "What's his name, do you know?"

"He wouldn't tell me." she said.

After talking with the officer for awhile, the woman took him back to a white room, giving himnew clothes and taking his old ones, but something fell out of his pocket. She picked it up, reading the handwritten words: Cecil Carter Brandon, June 20, 1990. Please take care of him someone. Anyone.

She paused, looking over at the boy, who stared seriously into her with his dark eyes. Quickly, she went to the officer, showing him the note. He examined it carefully.

"We'll search for the name, see who his parents might be." he told her, leaving.

She went back to the boy, who sat on a bench.

"Hi." she smiled, coming and sitting beside him.

Her arm slid around him gently, holding him close.

"Cecil,…" she looked into his eyes. "do you know where your parents are?"

He stared for a moment, then responded.


"How did you get here?" she questioned.

"I was sleeping,…" he paused, looking into her eyes seriously. "and I woke up here."

"I see." she pondered the circumstances before turning to him. "Cecil,… how old are you, do you know?"

"Five." he held up his hand.

She smiled, hugging him.