ZERO The Prologue
What is a book? It is a way of informing or suggesting a story told throw GH the eyes of one or more person. It usually has a beginning a middle and an end with many plots and subplots. The reader can feel a lot just by reading the book and wish that things will turn it how they hope. The events can be the truth or works of their mind and sometimes the author is she's that the fictitious parts of their masterpiece was an actual event within their own reality. That's what is happening here.

It's a book that is based in partly reality and dreams. A dream can be a memory or a desire where anything and everything can happen. Some of the people who will be talked about are real and are real and true to the main character(s). Dreams can be interpreted to hell with real-life sometimes the hey can be complete rubbish but sometimes us humans believe that dreams can come real and may happen some time later on in our lives. That's is what I hope for.

And you'll say why has he written this? Is it just to satisfy himself or to help him aspire to it like others could? Or is it that these events could happen even though outlandish some of them are? It is all of these all at once. Sometimes dreaming of something he lost to clear the mind and writing them helps to also identify the author Inthe real world. In the world today there are voices who need to be heard. The author has other talents but has chosen to take their time writing this book. His objective may not be what you were looking for but it will help to lighten others loads and accomplish what he cannot speak in public.

Anyway let's focus on where this book will start or at least land. There are two many characters in this book one modelled on the author himself and one on whom he wishes to be with. The book characterises their ups their downs and where society wants them to be found. This book will deal with how they interact with each other, disabilities and syndromes and how others can help of people just look and listen in the world. The action takes place in several countries and takes place in a space of a few years. The objective tell the story that is needed most in the here and now of today of 2017 which is of love. Love with each other love with everyone around us love with our hobbies and love with ourselves.
And that is why I have chosen to write now as society has forgotten what it is and how it's shown.