There's always two-sides to every story and if there wasn't then it wouldn't be a story it would be a memory or a dream. It's just like a coin there's a heads and there's a tails. And the other side of the main story on this one is Danny's. Although the story's can be similar with similar characters and upbringings sometimes they can be similarly different as well. And like Ben his name wasn't Danny that's was the name he would you are after the dust settles but that's further on so let's explain what Danny's lot is.

Nathaniel is a stupid name. It's too long. So is shortened it to Nate so teh it was easier to share and comprehend for everyone's sake including my own because will don't look like a Nathaniel. I don't think my parents were without when they chose the name but anyway that's where my sorry self started out.

We live in the middle of nowhere in a little village in the middle of Ireland what we would everything is green. Everywhere you look everything you see even in everything you dream. You get used and bored of it eventually after a while. Also my parents own a farm where there's cattle to feed, vehicles or drive and fields to tend too. And expectations that chores are done at exact times and the way that there down too so even if you ahs place s for school or extra activities like having a life apparently that didn't matter.

Sometimes having something real was all you could do to pass the time that you did have. Mine was my guitar. I could strum it and sing at whatever tune I wanted up in that barn where no one heard what it was id do. My main influences were rock and acoustic rock and I rarely wrote my own music unlike Benny in this story that is oils come to know of who wrote to escape what was being done and to who. I tried that some times but I just sometimes couldn't do it.

And that's when I noticed things in my house were wrong. My parents treated me in ways That I sometimes can't describe but I have to be strong. Because if I don't then they've won.