As I observed the smoke filled chapel, I noticed the minister running out the door with a candle decoration that had burst into flames.

          "Something wrong again, Megan." My best friend Julian pointed out. For many years our town had been known as "Crownsville" and the Shellians (the people from the town next to us) always rubbed it in our faces. Right about now the Shell King and our king, King Marksman, would be coming into the chapel.

          The trumpets sounded and the gorgeous red carpet came flying through the door and softly landed at the front of the old little church. And here he came. That snobby, self centered, stuck up Shell King. We all knew what a jerk he was but we NEVER opened our mouths to say so.

          He walked up the steps with the mighty King Marksman following quickly behind.  They both took a seat in the giant thrones that had been placed up there previously. We always had our town meetings in this old chapel because the King thought the Marksman God would "bless our town". So far it hasn't really been working.

          "We have called this town meeting to pick six contestants to help us on a mission." The Shell King was starting one of his long (may I add boring) speeches. "We will have a tournament to help us pick our contestants. This is a top-secret mission, so we must not tell everyone the plan right away. Only the six contestants, no more, will help us and discover what the plan shall be."

          King Marksman stood up and everyone cheered, unlike when the Shell King rose. I saw him make a face of disgust. "The tournament will take place on the 14th day of March 2567. It doesn't matter if you're female or male, a shellian or a markmanian, or black or white. We are looking strictly for talent."

          Both Kings stood up. Now was our time to bow. First King Marksman would walk down the red carpet, we bow. Then the Shell King would walk down the carpet, we were forced to bow.

          Here came the mighty King Marksman. Unfortunately, I had been arrested and sent to him many times but he was always kind and never sent me to the dungeon. When he walked past he looked at me and smiled. I quickly glanced up and smiled back, even though we were never supposed to make eye contact with a king. It was considered a big time threat.

          As the Shell King walked past every one bowed. He got to me and I wanted to puke, but I decided I had got into enough trouble and didn't want anymore.

          He abruptly stopped in front of me and I looked up slowly. I noticed he wasn't looking at me, but at Julian!

          "Julian! Get your butt down here and bow! You don't know what your doing!" I whispered. I looked up at the Shell King and at Julian. Julian was staring him straight in the eye. I wanted to smack him! What an idiot!

          "Seize him!" The Shell King boomed.

          "Julian, no!" I yelled. The Shell King's guards ran up to Julian. One of them kicked him in the stomach and another hit him in the head and knocked him out.

          "No! No!" I screamed. I tried to get past the guards holding me back but I just wasn't strong enough.

          "Julian, why?" I asked. I have heard the stories of rebellious marksmanians. The Shell King has killed people for things like this.

          I fell to the floor and sobbed so hard I could barely breathe. Julian and I had been friends since we were born! When I awoke as a baby, the first face I saw was his.

          My grandmother came up to me and with the help of a few others lifted me to my feet.

          "How could a regular day of fun turn to such tragedy?" I thought to myself still crying and probably looking like an idiot.

          "We will get him out of this, child." My grandmother told me. I knew we probably couldn't but somehow her words slightly comforted me.

          Poor Julian! What would they do to him?

This is the first of many chapters. I hope you enjoy them! : )