Melody had to work that night at the hospital. She tried her best to be there for the patients, but really she wanted to be at home with her two children and husband.

It was Christmas, and she was a nurse on call.

Even though this was meant to be a happy time, she had to be around so much suffering and pain.

There was one room she avoided, for all she could hear was an elderly voice crying and crying.

As the night grew late, and her shift was nearly over, she was worn and tired, but eager to get home to her family.

However, she could still hear that cry... the last noise in the building that was always there... and didn't know what came over her... but she had to go and check on the person... just to see... if they were okay.

She knocked on the ward's door quietly, and just saw it was an elderly feeble man weeping in his bed.

"Excuse me, sir..." she said quietly, and approached him. He stiffened, once he realized he had been heard and sniffled as he got a tissue to wipe his eyes.

"GO AWAY." He said.

"I'm sorry, but... why are you crying...?"

"Because its Christmas..."

She froze a little when she heard him say this, and just looked at him confused. "Of course, Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year..."

"The worst day of the year..." he uttered in spite and she came over to him, lost in why his words seemed so bitter.

She sat on the chair next to his bed and asked.

"What do you mean by that...?"

"Oh sure... it was wonderful... once... when you're young, have parents and siblings who love you... but... then... when you're alone... by yourself... and near death... where is the magic then?"

"I'm so sorry." Melody said, and touched his hand, but he moved it away shocked. Surprised. "But Christmas is more than just about family... it's about being there for others..."

"Is that why you're here?" he asked, coldly, but there were still tears rising to his eyes. "Because you feel obligated?"

"I'm here... because I have work today, and I couldn't be with my family."

"And aren't you mad about that?!" he asked her.

She was silent for a moment, before shaking her head, and smiling, a teardrop slipping down her cheek.

"I helped save five lives today... five lives that I couldn't of if I had been at home. Because sometimes, it's better to be with people who need you, then people who already have you."

"You... you..." he uttered out slowly, so lost in what she meant by her words. He stopped his weeping and sat up as straight as he could, but couldn't because of his bad back.

"I never married, never had a family of my own... Christmas becoming emptier and emptier. I had a heart attack tonight... and the doctors say I need a triple by pass. My siblings haven't even called to check on me... why? I love them... and I don't even have anyone in my life to say it back to me... on this day... on Christmas..."

Melody remained silent for a second, before smiling softly, and said with warm eyes, helping him lay back on his bed and rest properly.

"What's your name?"


"Well..." she said, tucking him in, and holding his wrinkly frail hand. "I don't know you... but I heard you cry all night. Because you thought no one loved you. But I'll tell you who does. Who loves you because you were strong enough to go all night long crying, feeling a pain that only someone who has loved others themselves have felt."

She said the words warmly, tears in her eyes.

"I love you."

"-But, you don't even know me..."

"But I can get to know you tonight."

She knew that it was ten o clock right now, that her children would be being put to bed and her relatives celebrating the holiday. But she felt like she needed to be there for him, felt like... she wanted to be there.

And he smiled warmly, replying in tears.


And he told her about himself, and she told him about her.

She held his hand that whole night, and just as he was falling asleep... Melody already drowsy herself, he said with quiet soft words.

"Thank you..."

She barely heard them, as her eyes closed.


The next morning she woke to see that he was not breathing. She stiffened, tears rising to her eyes, and got up shaking him, saying quickly in panic.

"Kevin! Kevin!"

But when she looked at his face, she saw something... that stopped her tears for a second...

A big peaceful smile on his frozen lips.

She smiled back softly, tears beginning to topple down her eyes again.

She had saved five lives that night, and helped someone remember that their life still mattered.

She let go of his hand.

And said.

"Thank you..."