Little Allison had heard the myth of the giant star in the sky that led the way on Christmas day.

You could say she always had stars in her eyes, looking up every night at the wonders of the universe... but she wanted to see that star... the one that helped start it all.

"Daddy, daddy," she said to him eagerly, jumping up and down as she shook his arm, smiling. "I want to find the giant Christmas star! I want to see it tonight!"

Her grandfather overheard her plea, and loved his granddaughter so. It was Christmas night, and getting late and her father insisted that Allison should get to bed soon.

"Please, daddy! Just let me keep searching... an hour more... just an hour more."

He sighed and agreed. Allison had been looking through a telescope outside on the frosty porch, looking everywhere that clear night of stars... but she just couldn't see the special one.

Her grandfather climbed the ladder to the roof with a cardboard box full of fireworks he had kept for new years. He fixed the biggest ones up in the center of the roof, and smiled as he moved back from them, the line to the red fireworks long. When he reached the ladder, he lit a match and suddenly the ignition line started sparking as the sparks crackled and popped their way up to the fireworks. He quickly slid down the ladder and hurried over to Allison, saying to her with a kind smile.

"Maybe the star is over there..."

"I've looked everywhere... maybe... it doesn't exist."

Suddenly the fireworks blew into the sky and blew up into millions of fiery exploding bright lights. Allison's mouth opened dumbfounded, and she smiled, laughing.

"See, there it is..." her granddad said eagerly. She shook her head, but was still so happy.

"No, Grandpa, but we... we made our own star..."

He laughed as well, giving Allison a little hug and the last of the fireworks blew up, leaving a big imprint of a star in the sky.

"I knew it was real..." Allison just said in glee, and jumped about happily, pointing up beyond the firework to something far in the distance.

And there it was... a bright glowing star high up in the universe... that faded away back into the black of night once all the commotion had settled.

"Did you really have to see it to believe it...?"

Allison shook her head.

"No... but I didn't want to see it just to believe it was there... I wanted to see it, because... I wanted to see him."


Allison just tapped her nose cheekily.

"You know who."

Her grandfather laughed and picked her up, bringing her back inside and giving her to her father.

"You have a lively one."

"Merry Christmas," her dad said to his own father and Allison just struggled in her dad's arms as she also said.

"And don't forget to say Happy Birthday!"

The two men looked at each other, confused by what she meant... but now understanding who's day this still was.

Her father took Allison to bed and her grandfather went over to the nativity scene on the shelf... looking at the little statue of the baby asleep in his cot.

He whispered to him, quietly.

"Happy Birthday... Jesus"