"Sold, to the gentleman in the third row!" shouted the greasy auctioneer, pointing his gavel at Anthony, who stood to collect his winnings.

The man removed his tricorn hat as he approached the young woman, her face streaked with tears as she hugged a younger boy tightly.

"Please sir, my brother," she whimpered, flinching as he paused.

"How much for the boy as well?" Anthony asked the auctioneer, gaining himself a gasp from both brother and sister.

"He's already been sold," shrugged the portly, bald man, his yellow teeth making him look all the more uglier. "To a wealthy landowner."

The girl let out a soft cry and held her brother closer to her.

"Stop that now!" barked the man, snapping his cold grey eyes towards the siblings, who froze at his snapping.

"Leave them be!" Anthony growled. "As a matter of fact, I have a few questions that I'd like to act you…"

The captain led the auctioneer away, buying them a few more moments to say their farewells. He returned ten minutes later and led the silently crying young woman away, pausing to allow her to wave to her brother.

"Now, what is your name, my dear?" he asked her with a gentle smile.

"Lily," she whispered meekly.

"Well Lily, I'll do everything in my power to buy your brother and have him live with us, how does that sound?" Anthony told her in a soft undertone. The braids in Lily's hair fanned out behind her as her face whipped to meet his twinkling eyes.

"Thank you, sir," she said softly.

The rest of the walk to Anthony's estate was quiet, only broken when they reached the modest sized home. Anthony opened the gate and ushered her inside, his hand on her shoulder as they both ambled up the cobblestone pathway that led to the front door.

"Papa, papa!" screamed a little girl, darting out the front door and racing towards Anthony. The man chuckled and caught the child before she could bowl him over, hoisting her into his arms as she threw her arms around his neck.

"Ónhka ki? Who is this?" called out Karonhiokohe , also coming out. "Anthony, who did you bring for dinner?"

"This is Lily," Anthony introduced her. "She will be your assistant in caring for the house."

"Come inside," smiled the native woman, holding out a hand for Lily, which she took after a moment. They all went inside, where Karonhiokohe quickly set down another plate at the table before disappearing back into the kitchen to bring out dinner.

"Sit, Lily, you can start work tomorrow," Anthony ordered her in a kind voice. The slave girl did as told, folding her hands and placing them into her lap. A few minutes later, Karonhiokohe came out of the kitchen with a platter that held a delicious smelling roasted chicken with greens poking out of the bird. Lily stared at the bird with obvious hunger, making Anthony and Karonhiokohe chuckle.

"Do not worry, Lily, you may have as many servings as you would like," smiled Karonhiokohe, reaching across the table to pat her hand and getting a sheepish smile back in return.

After Anthony had said the blessing, he carved the chicken, placing a generous amount onto Lily's plate. The girl practically inhaled her meal, earning herself a giggle from Johanna.

"Were you starved?" Johanna asked innocently, munching quickly on her own chicken.

"There were days when rations were so short, they wouldn't feed us at all," the girl answered, her face clearly saying that she wished to forget about it all. Anthony and Karonhiokohe both exchanged looks of horror.

"Lily, as long as you live under my roof, you will never go hungry," Anthony promised her.