There was a little girl and an older woman

The older woman time traveled

It was only a year or two into the past

Sometimes more

And she always came back

Much to the little girls delight

But one day, the older woman didn't return


This time machine was a cruel one.

Going backwards for the older woman

It continued forward for the little girl

Who, now a young teen

Was a stranger to the older woman


Visiting the older woman at her new home

She never knew what year she would step into

The room offered no hints

Her only clues were in the words the older woman spoke


The older woman was having a bad day

No one was telling her anything

And she recalled the day she heard the news

The young teen only meant to clarify

What the older woman spoke about

Instead it angered her and the young teen realized

She had stepped into a war

The older woman believed her to be the enemy

And believed herself to be a teen


The young teen wished

She could turn the hands of time

Forward by decades

Then the older woman

Would remember everything

But most of all, her name



However, this time machine was invisible

Untouchable, unstoppable

The older woman

Now a little girl

Wanted to go home

To her parents, her siblings


This time machine

Could only go so far back

And the day came

When it reached its end


A cold wind

Nipped at her nose

As the young teen said goodbye

To her Grandmother

For the final time