Chapter 8: The plan

It has been many months since my escape. I had to leave my flat because, since everyone knows I've escaped, I had to hide out in the forest like an animal. Speaking of animals, while I have killed and skinned my fair share of deers so I can keep warm, my prey had mostly been the same as before: humans. Be it lopping their heads off, or bisecting them with a chainsaw, I even delved into cannibalizing my prey (hey, a guy's got to eat). The only things I had on me were a knife, a handkerchief, and a bottle of chloroform. Then, one morning, I noticed someone familiar. Someone I had not seen in months. Him!

"Greetings, Twizzard!" he said "Congratulations on escaping that prison Dok-Torr set up for us". My fears were relieved when he referred to me as 'Twizzard', highlighting that he was as mad as ever. I then asked how he escaped. Turns out he didn't, he had been following the doctor's orders and had been frequently taking his medication. The revelation that he made it look like he has been cured was miraculous for me. So I asked him if he ever remembers going into a mansion with me.

"Indeed, the castle of Queen Goldenhide" he said proudly "I think that was her name, I don't know, it is still a blur to me". Despite his blurry memory, he remembered how to get in. So, in the middle of the night, we made our way in, especially since we found a way to distract the guards and their dogs. Then Travis, or was it Tralod? I can't remember myself. Anyways, he put in the code necessary to disable the alarms and then told me where the girl keeps all her money. Not only that, but he also put in the combination necessary to open the safe.

"Excellent work" I whispered "Now, you carry all this gold over to the van in the back (I forgot to mention we rented a van) while I go rescue the the princess".

"Why do you have to rescue the princess? I'm the knight"

"Yes, but you're stronger than me and therefore able to carry the money"

"Yes, but as I recall, the princess didn't like you that much! How are we suppose to go home if she refuses to cooperate with you"

"I'll think of something, now shut up and pack up all the money"

As I silently make my way to the girl's bedroom, with chloroform in hand, thinking of all the vile things I'm going to do to her once she wakes up. Even though she's already asleep, I thought I might chloroform her just in case. Then suddenly, as I was about to place the handkerchief around her mouth, I hear the sound of metal meeting flesh.


I stood there, gurgling on my own blood, feeling the blade at the back of my head, curious as to how this happened. Then, as I saw Travis walk past me, I knew exactly what happened. As I collapsed to the floor, the last thing I saw was him and his girlfriend embracing each other. Reunited at last. As one can probably imagine, I was enraged at that sight, but even more so that I was being played for a fool and I didn't even get the chance to betray him! Bastard! But then I realized something, their happiness isn't going to last forever. He's got my blood on his hands and, even though he was cured of what I did to him, he will be thrown back in that asylum again. With the last of my strength, I smiled at such a happy thought. Even in death, I can still cause pain. In a way...this is...even..better..